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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Daily: Fri., Apr. 17, 2020


FVNews Daily. No 3. Friday, April 17, 2020
From the Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team

Thanks for joining us
• Thanks for reading FVNews Daily. In addition to our email edition and social media posts, we have had 1618 website hits in two days. Some 183 members have opted-in this week to receive the free daily email. You can too: HERE.

Tribute to Merv Dyer
• Ange Kenos, Grand Librarian, writes of the funeral service for Merv Dyer, organised by Terry Clifton of Prestige Funerals: “Today (Thurs.) we held a small service for our dear brother, RWor. Bro. Mervyn Albert Dyer PJGW, OS. Small only by the mandatory number of attendees but so rich in content for the praise of a man who was a living example, for so long, of what Freemasonry should be. Not just words and rituals etc but acting the part. Living the cardinal virtues. Being a role model for all of us.”

Vale Christa Polchow
• Barry Minster, Grand Almoner, is advising of a service to celebrate the life of Christa Polchow, wife of Wor. Bro. Karl Polchow. Family notice: HERE. A live streamed service will be held at 10am on Tuesday (Apr. 21). A PDF booklet is also available at www.belindajanevideo.com/client-video/christa-polchow/

Praise for Graeme Millar
• Gisborne Freemason Graeme Miller has been recognised for his community service work in the Gisborne Gazette local publication.Read the report HERE

COVID-19 challenge to lodges
• Geoff Newby, District Co-Ordinator for Gippsland (105) has issued a challenge to local lodges about the initiatives they need to take now for recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic emergency lifts. Thanks to Paul Brennand, Grand Supt. of Membership for sharing. Read about Geoff’s challenge HERE.

Question on artwork
At the FVNews.com.au website, in a history of the Ivalda Masonic Temple, we included a portrait of Pro Grand Master Frederick T. HickfordCiara Derkenne,an Assistant Curator at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, wrote: “I’m working on a research project that celebrates 100 years of the Archibald Prize, and I’m trying to locate images of over 6000 finalist portraits.Could you please tell me the artist that did the portrait of M.Wor Bro. Frederick T. Hickford, Pro. Grand Master, on the page ‘History of the Ivalda Masonic Temple’? Do you know where this portrait is located?I also wanted to enquire whether there is a portrait of Sir Herbert ‘Bert’ Olney by the artist Aileen Dent in the collection of the Freemasons? Any assistance you can provide is very much appreciated.”Email: ciara.derkenne@ag.nsw.gov.au

Inner Guard videos
• Colin Peterson, Lecture Master of Ivalda Lodge of Instruction, advises: “”We’ve added a video for Inner Guards to our website. You do need to login to see it (we need some level of security).” Click HERE

A good word for …
• Geoffrey Davey, energetic 91-year-old Past Senior Grand Warden, suggests we offer a word of praise for the Old Scotch Collegians Lodge High Tea on Zoom, in the presence of the Right Honourable the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland, MWBro Joe Morrow. Past Grand Master Mason of Scotland and current First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Scotland. Congratulations to Xavier Murtagh, Worshipful Master, and the Old Scotch team.

Oldest Lodge building in Victoria
• Brendan Kyne, Deputy Grand Supt. of Masonic Knowledge, asked on social media: “Which was the first, oldest, Masonic Lodge Building in rural and regional Victoria?” After much discussion: “I think we have confirmed that Beechworth was the first purpose built Masonic Temple in regional Victoria, and looks like Camperdown was the second Masonic Temple built in regional Vic – “It is only surpassed by the 1859 purpose-built Beechworth Temple which is still used by the local lodge.”

Stepping stone
Graham Sloman writes about FVNews: “Wow something to break the deathly silence from around the world. I know there has been some posting of important letters but very little. Thank you for putting this together, and I feel this will be part of the stepping stone that we will need to use to get back to normal (whatever that is!). At least we will have something to help keep us all amused and perhaps (suggestion) each DCo could write some every couple of weeks to help get things moving, I would like to hear some of the history in short form or some of the lodges. Just a couple of ideas? But again thank you and I also look forward to reading your articles.”

Communication is the key
• Geoff Newby writes: “Thanks Brother Ash and the VAT. From my experience in life, “communication” is the key to success and of course failure.  I love hearing and seeing the great success stories within Freemasonry that often are otherwise not communicated. It is very easy to be the centre of our own universe and get stuck within the comfortable bounds of our compasses. Information (communication) such as this allows us to widen those compasses and get a broader view and understanding of what is happening in our fraternity and what is possible. This in turn often stimulates us to even greater heights. Please keep up the great work Brother.”

More channels the better
• Archie Alvarrez sent this email: “I subscribed to FVNews to see what’s the latest in our jurisdiction. When it comes to information dissemination, the more channels the better. Thanks for this additional channel and looking forward to reading your articles.”

Weekend harmony
Stephen Carpenter, Past Master at Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge, is Principal Conductor of the Heidelberg Wind Ensemble. He has organised a YouTube video with a concert for your weekend entertainment. Click HERE to view.

Masonic Wisdom
• “A man with a hump-backed uncle mustn’t make fun of another man’s cross-eyed aunt.”- Mark Twain (Bro. Samuel Clemens), New York World

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