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Thursday, December 2, 2021

Daily. Tue., Apr. 28, 2020


FVNews Daily. 
No 12. Tuesday, April 28, 2020

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50 at Monday night ZOOM meeting
• Fifty Freemasons attended a Ceremony of the Vacant Chair meeting held by Lodge of Australia Felix last night (Monday, April 27).

Masonry and Mental Health
• ‘A Zoom meeting about ‘Masonry and Mental Health in the time of COVID-19‘ will be held at 10am on Thursday (April 30). LINK

What’s On: online meetings
• Tuesday, April 28. 7pm. Richmond Lodge. Weekly online meeting. LINK

• Tuesday, April 28. 7.30pm. Eric Williams. Webinar. ‘The Benefits of Being A Freemason’. LINK
• Tuesday, April 28. 7.30pm. Lodge of the Golden Fleece. April Online Business Meeting. LINK
• Thursday, April 30. 7pm. Endeavour Virtual Lodge. 8th Regular Meeting. EMAIL for Summons
• Thursday, April 30. 7pm. Masonic Education Network (NSW). EAF Zoom Q&A. Details to be confirmed.

With thanks to www.masonsconnect.com
Please advise us of online meetings, so we can publicise in FVNews.

Visitors welcome
• Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge will be holding a social online (Zoom) meeting at 7.30pm on the first Thursday of the month (May 7). LINK

Letters to the Editor

• James Trigg, via Facebook, said: “The Newsletter is very appreciated by me.”

From labour to refreshment


• Craig Head followed our ANZAC Biscuit recipe at the weekend. He says: “Just thought I’d be the latest to thank you for the FV Daily News and for assisting in member participation. On the subject of participation, my wife allowed me into the kitchen to attempt baking for the first time ever! The proof is in the eating – they are all gone … thank you for the recipe!”

Masonic Trivia
• When Mussolini gained control of Italy, Masonic lodges were declared illegal and the Grand Master was arrested, tried, and imprisoned, where he died.
• Mussolini also ordered all Masonic references removed, including the emblems on the base of Garibaldi’s monument in Rome.• After the restoration of the republic, fascist emblems were removed and the Masonic emblems restored.
• In Fascist Spain under Franco, it was a crime to be a Freemason. Masons convicted had to serve prison terms equal in years to the number of Masonic degrees possessed. Master Mason – 3 years.

Masonic Wisdom
• “Masonry was not made to divide men, but to unite them, leaving each man free to think his own thoughts and fashion his own system of ultimate truth. All its emphasis rests upon two extremely simple and profound principles, love of God and love of man.”– Joseph Fort Newton

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