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Thursday, December 2, 2021

DAILY. Mon., Jun. 22, 2020


FVNews Daily. 
No 50. Monday, June 22 2020

From the Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action TeamFVNews Daily is also available at www.FVNews.com.au
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Acting CEO appointed
• Papers issued last Saturday (Jun. 20) for the June 2020 Quarterly Communication quote Peter Clark, Acting President of the Board: “TheBoard has appointed Mr Jeremy Cattell as FV’s acting Chief Executive Officer. Jeremy is no stranger to FV, having been involved with there-structure of our organisation back in 2015-16. Jeremy also temporarily filled the position of CEO for a number of months, after Ms Jane Sydenham-Clarke resigned in February 2018. Jeremy’s term on this occasion, is for three months with an option for another three months, if mutually agreed.” The Quarterly Communication Booklet, distributed to Lodge Secretaries, has further details.

Grand Installation Countdown: 5 days to go
• The Grand Installation is scheduled to take place at 3.15pm this Saturday (June 27), following the Quarterly Communication at 2pm. The sameLINK can be usedfor both events.
• Grand Secretary Garry Runge advises: “At the Grand Installation, the Grand Master-ElectRWor. Bro. Richard Elkington and the Deputy Grand Master-ElectRWor. Bro. Anthony Bucca will be installed. The Senior Grand Warden Designate and the Junior Grand Warden Designate will be invested, along with the President of the Board of General Purposes. The remainder of the 2020-21 Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team will be invested in the regular manner when Government restrictions relax further. This will allow more members, wives, partners, families and friends to attend.”

Grand Installation preparations
• Specific advice has been taken from the Department of Health and Human Services, ahead of this Saturday’s scheduled Grand Installation.
• All arrangements are subject to the approval of outgoing Grand Master, Keith Murray.
• Temperatures will be taken by digital thermometer of all people attending. Any person whose temperature exceeds the recommendations will be asked to leave immediately.• Social distancing of two metres will be observed, exceeding the 1.5 metres stipulated by regulation.
• All participants in either ceremony will be provided with a new set of gloves wrapped in original packaging. These are to be worn on the day and then returned for disposal.
• Hand sanitiser will be available at the attendance desk as well as throughout the building.

Great GRAND son No. 3
• John Cantrill, widely known for bringing harmony to many Lodges, writes: “Cath and I would like to share the good news of the safe arrival of our No 3 Great Grandson Bodhi John Slater born on June 17. His weight was 3.8 kgs and 51 cms length, His father hopes he will make a tall ruckman for North Melbourne.”

50-issue anniversary
• This is the 50th issue of FVNews DailyAll back issues can be read HEREOur aim has been to flood with positive stories about Freemasons Victoria.
• Peter Clark, Acting President of the Board of General Purposes, in the Papers for the Quarterly Communication, has these kind words: “It is pleasing to note that although we have had to adapt to a variety of disruptions, forced upon us by the Coronavirus, the appointment of two newVAT Leaders have had positive outcomes. Bro. Paul Brennand, Chair of the Membership VAT and Bro. Ash Long, Chair of the Communications and Marketing VAT, have hit the ground running. Together they joined the other VAT Leaders, when they presented to the May Board meeting, their strategic and operational plans for the ensuing year. I have to admit Brethren, that we were extremely impressed, by the enthusiasm and innovative ideas that were submitted. You will have already seen a very good example of this with the production of the FVNews, which is published every weekday by Bro. Ash Long.”

Masonic Behaviour Review
• Peter Clark, Acting President of the Board of General Purposes, has announced a Masonic Behaviour Review: “A new committee has been recently formed under the direction of the BGP. The committee includes RWBro. Barry Reaper, RWBro. Peter Henshall, RWBro. Garry Braddand WBro. Giorgio Migliaccio, however, the committee is able to co-opt orconsult with additional members if deemed advisable. The committee has beenformed by the Board, to specifically review and strengthen the Code of Conduct, by which all of us are, or should be guided. The Terms of Reference are wide ranging and will be a truly innovative and ground breaking process, designed to look at, and where necessary recommended changes to our culture, and therefore our inherent behaviours.”

Masonic statue toppled
• Protesters toppled a statue of Confederate Gen. Albert Pike during a demonstration Friday. Demonstrators used two ropes to pull down the statue near the Washington, D.C. police headquarters. The 11-foot bronze statue of Pike honored him as an author, poet and philanthropist. TheFreemasons donated most of the money to commission the statue, which was dedicated in 1901. Pike was head of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry for many years. LINK

COVID-19 case at Royal Freemasons
• The Age reports: “The lockdown of two aged care homes and a positive test of a student at an elite private school in Melbourne’s inner-East have put Victorians on high alert amid warnings of a second wave of coronavirus. Lifeview Willow Wood in Cranbourne and Royal Freemasons Springtime in Sydenham both returned positive tests for a single resident at each facility.” LINK

What’s On: online meetings
Go to www.masonsconnect.com

Please advise us of online meetings, so we can publicise in FVNews.

Help to reach $15,000 traget
• Larry Jackson writes: “Last night I did my first Vinnies Sleep Out to assist the homeless. They have raised over $5 million  this year and with many supporters from family, friends and business a number of Freemasons and Lodges such as SEAVIC, Sunshine Wisdom and Middle Parkhelped me meet my goal of $10,000. Some may think I’m naive but this is why I love Freemasonry – Charity and Brotherly Support is at our foundations and I experience this wherever I meet a Freemason. I’ve now raised my target to $15,000 as donations finish in July. Hopefully next year we can link up with other Freemasons both in Victoria and interstate.” LINK

Good words for John Wilson
• Dr Tien Kieu, MLC for South Eastern Metropolitan, had good words to say in State Parliament last week about Queen’s Birthday Honoursawardee, the late John Wilson: “I would also like to pay homage to the work of the late Mr John Wilson, who served as a board member forFreemasons Hospital and the Royal Freemasons Homes for aged care. We give our thanks to Mr Wilson for his dedication to the community. Together we celebrate and thank all awardees for their tireless efforts.”

Masonic Mailbag
• A Brother, requesting anonymity, writes: “Freemasonry generally rejects the notion that it is a religion. However, the latest Victorian Government COVID-19 regulations have provisions for 20 people at ‘places of worship’. For the purposes of calculating maximum attendances, could Freemasons Lodges be considered as a ‘place of worship’? We have Chaplains, we display sacred books, we offer prayers. I would be interested in the opinions of others.”

More Masonic Mailbag
• Chris Tan Boon-Kee writes: “Thank you for your FVNews. I must say it definitely helps me in my daily Masonic Advancement. Quote – “In Harvard Business Review Leadership documents a statement by Peter Drucker says ‘Culture eats Strategy for breakfast’. We would be wise to understand this. Let’s hear our younger members and strive to change for the better.”

• “When I was young, I was taught to look up and listen to the Elders. The Elders have wisdom and experience. And the saying adopted, at that time, was “the Elders have eaten more salt than we have eaten rice”. And as I have grown older, I soon realise that there are Elders and there are Old Men. And I have learnt this … all Elders are Old Men but not all Old Men are Elders.

• “And so, when I read that quote from Peter Drucker, I cannot help thinking and wondering: where have all the Elders gone? And just because I have migrated to Australia, does that mean I am now living in an upside down world where here and now the young men are turning into Elders. Wow, the peril of living in the Southern Hemisphere?”

Masonic Knowledge
• “Mentoring does not end after the new Lodge member has completed his Third Degree; in fact, it has only just begun. As the new Lodgemember progresses, he may take office, become the Worshipful Master of the Lodge or eventually join other orders such as the Mark or theChapter. His Mentor needs to support him throughout his whole Masonic life.”- Masonic Knowledge for Mentors, Freemasons Victoria

Masonic Wisdom
• “What is serving God? Tis doing good to man.” – Bro. Benjamin Franklin

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  1. Tony DelNevo
    Monday, June 22, 2020 at 8:05 pm

    Great information in this newsletter. My only comment is that I found it difficult to read (on my iPad Pro). Not sure if its the font or the format, or as its read from a link in Facebook the way the site presents it. But would be great if this can be resolved.

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