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Thursday, December 2, 2021

DAILY. Fri., Jul. 31, 2020


FVNews Daily. 
No 78. Friday, July 31, 2020
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70-year jewel for Les
• Brian Bennett, Master of Killara Lodge, writes: “Wor. Bro. Les Rooney of Lodge Killara No. 259, was this presented with his 70-year jewel. Whilst the Brethren of the Lodge would have preferred to be present, we appreciated the offer of the Aged Care facility where Wor. Bro Lesresides, to allow Wor. Bro Alan Richmond, Lodge Almoner, regular visitor and long time friend, to present the 70-year jewel. When circumstances permit the Aged Care Facility will arrange for this award to be re-presented at a special dinner, which they will organise.Wor. Bro Les has devoted most of his life to Freemasonry, was an inaugural founder of the Whittlesea Helping Hand (now Aurora Support Services), and Berry Street. During his working life Wor. Bro Les was a noted maker of prosthetic limbs, and attended and presented lectures in England.”

Success Stories: 100 wait to join
• Damien Hudson of the Grand Lodge Secretariat says: “We now have about 100 Applicants at the office who have been phone screened and have completed a Second Schedule and Code.” Damien says: “We will have a common-sense and flexible approach.” 
• Damien notifies District Co-Ordinators: “Post COVID-19, we recommend where you have the resources and where practicable, multiple lodge visits by applicants be encouraged and facilitated, but they are no longer compulsory. We have moved to a model where you are empowered to decide on how to handle applicants in a way appropriate to your resources, geography and local circumstance. The only value of a process is the outcome it achieves, not the process itself. We need results, not bureaucracy, but results will be fostered by good processes.” EMAIL

Mental Health Webinars
• Freemasons Victoria is joining with Entertainment Assist to promote a series of Mental Health Webinars. These include ‘Staying Connected’, ‘Sleep’, ‘Finance’ and ‘Healthy Habits’. “We understand Australian entertainment industry workers are concerned and affected by the impacts ofCOVID-19. To ensure their health and wellbeing, Entertainment Assist has created new ways of delivering Intermission mental health training programs through engaging and interactive online experiences. Entertainment Assist is supported by Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited.LINK

Grand Proclamation in Queensland


• Pictured: PGM Gary Bacon, PGM Adrian Burton, DGM Jeff Harper, GM Paul Holland, AGM Kim Ruru, PGM Emmanuel Anthony, PGM Alan Townson, PAGM Dave Sherrit.
• Richard Elkington passes on this message from Paul Holland, Grand Master, Freemasons Queensland: “Last Saturday we conducted a severely truncated version of our Grand Proclamation Ceremony. Only about 45 in attendance and most of the ceremonial stripped away. I was able however to install our new Assistant Grand Master, Kim Ruru.Kim takes over from Dave Sherrit. Kim is from Roma in Western Queensland and was a past Junior Grand Warden. We were delighted to have our four active past Grand Masters in attendance. The picture isn’t the best as we had Grand Hall lit for the video shoot.”

Freemasons Community Relief Charity  
• Grant Chapple writes: “Freemasons Community Relief Charity Freemasons Community Relief Charity (formerly Bayside Masonic Lodges Christmas Parcels) has just completed a mid-year delivery to several charities. Due to the response received we are planning to do another in September to help with the increased demand in these difficult times. Historically we have been able to source the goods and pack them with our group of volunteers. Now with the virus restrictions in place we have had to employ the direct method of supply through a wholesale chain to the charities supported.”
• Justin Lodge adds that FCRC is making a call to action to lodges to donate funds for our next campaign to hit the $20,000 that we need to support the Bayside folk in need in our two next drops – September and Christmas.” EMAIL

Online MAP Sessions
• David Hendel, Master of Middle Park Lodge No. 206, writes: “I recall that in your previous newsletters you have mentioned MAP sessions available online and other lectures/resources such as Deacon’s training. I seem to recall Kent Henderson was involved or had designed them? Unfortunately looking at back issues I cannot seem to find the right edition. I have also had a good look on the Freemasons Victoria website but have not been able to locate anything. Could you please let me know what information you have on these resources?”
• Editor replies: Thanks for your note, David. Ivalda Lodge of Instruction in conjunction with Fairfield Lodge, offers this portal for online videos.LINK

More on Online MAP Sessions
• Brendan Kyne, of Victorian Lodge of Research, writes: “The online Education Portal is now 99 per cent complete and available for use as a legitimate MAP option. The first section of the portal is a Prior to Initiation section that can provide some of that engagement for applicants waiting for initiation during the current lockdown, and hopefully whet their appetite for what’s in the sections currently locked-off to them. Now theEducation Portal is ready, it can mesh with the Mentor Program to provide a package of education for each degree, as well as including pre-recorded MAP presentations.”

Learning Zoom. Part 1
• Paul Brennand, Grand Superintendent of Membership, writes: “You can download and access the Zoom application for a computer (with a variety of operating systems), tablet/iPad or mobile phone (Apple or Android). https://www.zoom.us/• “If you don’t have a working camera and/or a microphone on your device, you should still be able to see and hear the meeting via the ZOOM application although the chat texting function will be disabled during this meeting.”Park n Plug initiative
• Barry Minster is looking for Freemasons Victoria involvement in a ‘Park n Plug’ initiative, that provides Electronic Vehicle infrastructure. Park n Plug is a ‘start-up’ enterprise, looking to install a free 50kW DC fast charger on premises. More information is available at this LINKWhat’s On: online meetings
• www.masonsconnect.com

Famous Freemasons

• Berlin, Irving (real name: Israel Isidore Baline) (1888-1989) – Composer, lyricist and a long-time member of Munn Lodge No.190 in New York, Bro.  Berlin is widely considered as one of the greatest songwriters in history. This American-Jewish genius wrote more than 1500 songs, including  Alexander’s Ragtime Band (1911), the Oscar-winning White Christmas (1940), and several musical comedies such as Annie Get Your Gun (1946) and There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954).
– Timothy Horton

More Famous Freemasons
• Eddie Levey of the Mildura Lodge writes: “You travel home via the Hume Highway named after the explorer Bro. Hamilton Hume (1797-1873) initiated in the Leinster Marine Lodge of Australia No.266 Irish Constitution in 1825 in NSW.• Travelling along you see a sign that Bullen’s Circus is in town, named after Bro. Stanford Leslie Bullen (1925-2001) initiated in the Lodge William Thompson No. 309 in 1950.who also owned the Bullen’s Animal World in New South Wales.

Masonic Knowledge
• Comedian Harpo Marx’s lodge is unclear. Several articles and stories link him with the fraternity. This includes a colourful tale told by his younger brother, Groucho Marx. In the story Groucho tells how Harpo had a life long dream of becoming a Freemason to follow in the footsteps of one of their uncles. He successfully fulfilled that dream and his Masonic pin was his prized possession.” VIDEO

Masonic Wisdom
•  “”When you stand alone and sell yourself, you can’t please everyone. But when you’re different, you can last.” – Bro. Don Rickles

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