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Thursday, December 2, 2021

DAILY. Thu., Aug. 27, 2020


FVNews Daily. No 94. Thursday, August 27, 2020
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UPDATED DAILY. What’s On (34 listings)
Please notify us about your event. Email: editor@FVNews.com.au
• Thursday, August 27. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Association. All Welcome. Zoom. ID: 6070901923. Password: 9JNjZx
• Thursday, August 27. 2pm. ‘Rainbow Men’ in Freemasonry. Planning Meeting. By invitation.
• Thursday, August 27. 7pm. Morwell Lodge. Zoom Meeting. Speaker: David Aubrey, about arguably Australia’s greatest poet and war correspondent, Banjo Patterson. Just who was Clancy of the Overflow? ‘All welcome. LINK
• Friday, August 28. 10.30am. ‘Other Orders’ Communications Planning Meeting. Zoom. By invitation.
• Friday, August 28. 7.30pm. Malvern-Waverley Lodge of MMM. Speaker: Adam Dymowski on ‘Freemasonry in Poland, a historical perspective’. Not restricted to MMM. LINK• Friday, August 28. 7.30pm. Victorian Lodge of Research. Talk: Brendan Kyne, ‘Foundations Stones and Early Lodge Buildings of Melbourne’. All welcome. LINK (Password if required – 510249)
• Monday, August 31. 11am. Membership VAT Leads Meet. Members.• Tuesday, September 1. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Association. All Welcome. Zoom. ID: 6070901923. Password: 9JNjZx
• Tuesday, September 1. 7pm. Mitchell River Lodge. Meeting, including visitors from the UK who greatly contributed to bushfire relief. All welcome. LINK
• Tuesday, September 1. 7pm. Old Melburnians Lodge. 
3 talks. Freemasons, non-Freemasons welcome. LINK
• Tuesday, September 1. 7.30pm. Blue Lounge Social Club. Education Forum. ‘Beyond Craft Fremasonry – What’s the story and journey?’ All welcome. LINK
• Tuesday, September 1. 7.30pm. Masons Connect Online Social Media Workshop. Speaker: Matt Cameron. ‘How people make sense of what they see on social media.’ RSVP
• Wednesday, September 2. 10.30am. VAT Leaders’ Meeting. Members.
• Wednesday, September 2. 7.30pm. Wonthaggi Masonic Family Zoom Meeting. LINK• Thursday, September 3. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Association. All Welcome. Zoom. ID: 6070901923. Password: 9JNjZx• Thursday, September 3. 7pm. Doutta Galla Lodge. All welcome. LINK
• Thursday, September 3. 7.30pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. Speaker: Alexis Rivero. ‘Freemasonry in Venezuela’. All welcome. LINK
• Thursday, September 3. 7.30pm. Melbourne High School Lodge. 3 Guest Speakers. All welcome. EMAIL for Link
• Thursday, September 3. 7.30pm. Killara Lodge. Business meeting. Speaker: Barry Minster on Electric Cars, specifically Tesla. LINK
• Friday, September 4. 7pm. Combined Arc, Mark and Chapter Zoom Meeting. LINK
• Saturday, September 5. 10 am-12 Noon. Preparation for Master course. Limited positions. Contact: Geoff Newby. EMAIL
• Saturday, September 5. 9.30am-3pm. Secretary’s Course. By Barry Reaper and Eric Williams. Register for both: Morning Session (Part 1) LINK and Afternoon Session (Part 2) LINK
• Monday, September 7. 7.30pm. 
Lodge Garibaldi. Speaker: Dominic De Candia,Grand Secretary General (33°) of The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Australia. ‘Mosaic Pavement’. All welcome. LINK
• Monday, September 7. 7.30pm. Rosebank Lodge. Speaker: Anthony Quantrell. ‘Mount Up Riders, You’re Burning Daylight’ – The story of HarleyDavidson Motor Cycles. All welcome. Dress: Neat casual, shirt must have a collar. LOG IN: 824 152 8207• Tuesday, September 8. Colac Lodge. Speaker: Anthony Bucca. ‘Freemasonry and the American Civil Wat’. LINK to come.
• Thursday, September 10. 7pm. Union Lodge of North Gippsland. Speaker: Bill Kee. All welcome, including non-Masons. LINK to come.
• Friday, September 11. 7pm-9pm. Lodge of the Golden Fleece. Performer: Wor. Bro. Kram, classical music and anecdotes. All welcome including wives, partners, friends and guests. LINK
• Saturday, September 12. 10 am-12 Noon. Preparation for Master course. Limited positions. Contact: Geoff Newby. EMAIL
• Wednesday, September 16. 7.30pm. 
Communication. Freemasons Victoria. Details to be announced by Grand Secretary.
• Thursday, September 17. 7pm. Thursday, September 17. 7pm. Prospect Hill Mark Lodge. Meeting. Opening and closing.  Interview: Grand Master Elect, RWor. Bro Bill Jones will be interviewed by the Lodge Master, VWor. Bro Lionel May. Dress: Officers jacket and tie, all others smart casual. LINK
• Friday, September 18. 7pm. 
Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge. Meeting. All welcome. Link to come.
• Saturday, September 19. 10am-12 Noon. Preparation for Master course. Limited positions. Contact: Geoff Newby. EMAIL
• Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. Gippsland Lakes Lodge. Speaker: John Glover ‘The quest for missing children’, A talk on facial reconstruction. .All welcome, including ladies and non-Freemasons. LINK
• Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. Lodge of Good Companions. Includes casual 10 minutes on Fishing Hotspots and Tactics. All welcome. LINK

NEW. Videos
• Masonic Education. Lodges. (03:44) WATCH
• Freemasonry Unmasked. Fred Trueman. (24:00). WATCH
• Freemasonry in Western Australia. (04:00). WATCH

Vale Allan Lorraine
• “Keysborough St Andrews Daylight Lodge advises of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of RWor. Bro. Allan Lorraine OAM PJGW at the age of 97.Allan has been ill for some time and was slowly deteriorating. He lost his battle at 11.10pm on Friday, August 21. He will be sadly missed by the Lodge,” said Arthur Rogers, Secretary.
• Denis Henry notes Allan was a member, over 62 year variouslys at Keysborough Daylight, Lodge of Welcome, Moorabbin District Daylight, Lodge of Transition, Parkdale Lodge (WM three times over 40 years). He was a member and Secretary of the Unknown Soldier Demonstration Team from 1989-2006, performed by the Corinthians Masters Group. Over the years the Group raised $6066 for Masonic and non-Masonic charities. The last performance (number 383) was on December 14, 2006 at the Moorabbin Daylight Lodge. “A true gentleman and a wonderful Freemason will be sadly missed.”

Vale George Ormerod


• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of Wor. Bro. George Ormerod (pictured)of the Williamstown Lodge No. 16, at the age of 69. Ron Swift, Worshipful Master, said: “George had been suffering from cancer for some time. A good man and loving husband toMaggie and his three children.” Emmanual Marabeliotakis, District Co-Ordinator, said: “Another great Freemasons who contributed so much to the Williamstown Lodge No. 16 and the Western District No. 117.

Grand Master’s COVID-19 positives• Richard Elkington, Grand Master, spoke at Middle Park Lodge, and listed his Top 10 of the positives of COVID-19:
• He is meeting hundreds of Freemasons every week.
• With Anthony Bucca, Deputy Grand Master, they are getting their positive message out across Victoria.
• Many Freemasons are hearing first-hand about agenda changes such as Governance, Empowerment and Education.
• A whole host of management issues are being dealt with. Examples are Review, Organisation, Training, Task Force, etc.
• Senior Grand Officers and Volunteer Action Teams are working hard and getting results.
• We are learning new ways of doing things.
• Participation in Education, Lectures and Understanding is up.
• Lots of ideas, particularly to improve the Masonic Experience in Lodges, are being generated.
• Lodges are starting to realise the authority that they already have.
• There is an opportunity to ask: ‘Why do we exist as a Lodge’ and ‘Why should a candidate join us?’

David Kram at Golden Fleece event
• David Kram AM, a distinguished opera and concert conductor, will perform at a free online concert from 7pm-9pm on Friday, September 11, in an event hosted by Lodge of the Golden Fleece. Our Brother is a university lecturer, arts manager and pianist/coach. He studied at the Royal College of Music in London, and with Luigi Ricci in Rome. LINK (Thanks to Laurie Jacobs and Ben Quick)

First Masonic-Specific Library
• The Gazette, Iowa (US) reports: “Hidden in plain sight at 813 First Ave. SE are world-class collections of books, artifacts and art. The Iowa Masonic Library and its museums are not advertised on a sign out front. Instead, the facade says “Grand Lodge of Iowa, AF & AM.” It might sound off-limits to non-Masons, but the treasures inside are there for everyone.• “The white Vermont-marbled edifice was dedicated in 1955, replacing the original library building that occupied the same spot. The original building was the first Mason-specific library in the world, built in 1884 and eventually replaced when its collections grew too large.” READ MORE

$5000 for Combined Churches Caring Melton


• Glenn Trembath writes: “The Melton Lodge No. 367 welcomed Denise Morris, the CEO of the Combined Churches Caring Melton to address the Brethren on the services CCCM provides to our local community. In the last year they have supported around 14,000 people within theMelton municipality,their 80+ volunteers providing food parcels, counselling services and budgeting classes.• “This visit was also an opportunity to acknowledge the support received as a result of a recent grant of $5000 from Freemasons Foundation Victoria Limited and ongoing and regular donations by both Lodges in Melton and the Highlanders Masters Group.”

Masonic Club Memories


• Ron Benedykt writes: “Further to your photo of the Masonic Club located in Flinders St, I noticed it a couple of years ago and did some asking around about its history and here’s what I learnt. (I’ve also included a bigger photo of the building which is located at 166 Flinders St, oppositeFederation Square.) • “The building was owned by Grand Lodge until 1983 and housed the now defunct Masonic Club which was a licensed social venue forFreemasons for over 100 years with up to 6000 members at its peak. With changing drinking laws and 10pm lock outs, it disappeared in the early 90s. I believe the building is heritage listed.”

Masonic Mailbag
• Ivan ‘Bill’ Warner sends encouraging words: “What a remarkable  and incredible life you have/are having. I felt quite humble at having read your achievements. May you continue to live a long and happy rewarding life. Your stories are fascinating. I will be 95 in December and some of your stories brought back some memories.”

World News
• The Northern Times (UK) reports: “Sutherland Freemasons presented a cheque for £4000 in support of the Bradbury Day Care Centre inBonar Bridge.The Provincial Grand Lodge of Sutherland – and Lodge Loch Shin in Lairg particularly – have a history of supporting the excellent work of theBradbury Centre over the years and it reflects the commitment of all Sutherland Freemasons to support charitable needs within their own local communities in these difficult times.” READ MORE
What’s On: How You Can Assist
• Lodges can assist by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au 
Please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

Famous Freemasons
• Burke, Arleigh (1901-1996) – During World War II, Arleigh Burke became a highly decorated US Navy officer whose leadership helped win the war in the South Pacific. As an Admiral he later became Chief of Naval Operations during the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations. TheArleigh Burke-Class of guided missile armed destroyers is named in his honour. His nickname was “31 knot Burke”.
– Timothy Horton

Masonic Knowledge
• “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” – Bro. Theodore Roosevelt.

Masonic Wisdom
• This is about the words we use. Over time, we have seen different words helpful in attracting people to Lodge. We have found that if the word‘Lecture’ is used in a Lodge Summons, it is seen as ‘turn-off’ by some younger members. On the other hand, ‘Talk’ or ‘Chat’ which can mean the same thing, tend to be appealing.
• In older days, the words ‘Slide Show’ were a disaster for Lodge attendances. The man with the projector often thought it gave him licence to convert a 20-minute talk into 40-minutes … or more.

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