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Monday, August 15, 2022

DAILY. Thu., Sep. 17, 2020


FVNews Daily.  No 108. Thursday, September 17, 2020
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UPDATED DAILY. What’s On (57 listings)
Please notify us about your event. Email: editor@FVNews.com.au
• Thursday, September 17. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. Kyneton Pizza Shop, 40 Aitken St. Limited numbers because of COVID-19 rules. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• Thursday, September 17. 7pm. Prospect Hill Mark Lodge. Meeting. Opening and closing.  Interview: Grand Master Elect, RWor. Bro Bill Jones will be interviewed by the Lodge Master, VWor. Bro Lionel May. Dress: Officers jacket and tie, all others smart casual. LINK
• Thursday, September 17. 7.30pm. United Schools Mark Lodge. Talk: David Stewart, Order of the Secret Monitor. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• Thursday, September 17. 7.30pm. Unity and Prudence Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, Deputy Grand Master. ”Freemasons Future Recovery Team and getting our Lodges back to work.”. Dress: Smart Casual. LINK
• Thursday, September 17. 7.30pm. Melton Lodge. Talk: Malcolm Hollis, Enforcement Inspector for Australian Border Force stationed at Melbourne Airport. Attire: Neat, collared shirt. Meeting ID: 86873310737. Password: Melton367 
• Thursday, September 17. 7.30pm. Rupertswood Numurkah Lodge. Talk: Paul Brennand, ‘Membership – the challenges of modern Freemasonry’.LINK
• Thursday, September 17. 7.45pm (Visitors Admission Time). Portland Lodge of Victoria No. 6. Talk: Bob McPherson, local fishing guru and wildlife photographer. Non-Freemasons welcome. LINK Meeting ID: 848 2380 5110 • Friday, September 18. 6pm. Plaridel Lodge No.1893 1st anniversary. Attire: Traditional Filipino barong shirt, or business shirts. LINK
• Friday, September 18. 7pm.Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge. Meeting. Talk: Claudio Marino, District Engagement Officer. All welcome. LINK
• Friday, September 18. 7.30pm. Melbourne Holy Royal Arch Chapter. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Cyrus – The Man and The Myth’. LINK
• Saturday, September 19. 10am-12 Noon. Preparation for Master course. Limited positions. Contact: Geoff Newby. EMAIL
• Saturday, September 19. 7.30pm-9.30pm. 7.30pm-9.30pm. Blue Lounge Social Club and The Lodge of Evolution. Washington DC – Secret Symbols and Hidden Mysteries of the Founding Fathers. LINK
• Saturday, September 19. 7.30pm. Cohuna Lodge. Dress: White shirt and tie. LINK
• Sunday, September 20. 4pm. Grand Lodge Ceremonial Team. Talk: Brendan Kyne, ‘Guided tour of the Victorian Lodge of Research Education/MAP Portal’. For team members. LINK
• Monday, September 21. 7.15pm. Gippsland Forest Lodge. 8pm. Open To Visitors. 8.10pm. Lecture: District Commander Very Illustrious Brother Michael Hyland 33°, Sovereign Grand Inspector General, Victoria Eastern, with the Supreme Council of the 33° of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite for Australia, Grand Secretary General HE Most Illustrious Brother Dominic De Candia 33° and Eminent Brother P.J. Milne to conduct a “Lecture on the Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite of Australia”. LINK
• Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. King David Lodge. Talk: Hillel Benedykt, ‘Musings of a Past Grand Master’. LINK. Meeting ID: 7873848487
• Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. Maribyrnong Mark Lodge. Talk: Thoughts on the Historical Origins of the Mark Degree. Masons Only. You do not have to be a MMM to attend this lecture. LINK
• Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. Gippsland Lakes Lodge. Speaker: John Glover ‘The quest for missing children’, A talk on facial reconstruction. .All welcome, including ladies and non-Freemasons. LINK
• Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. St George Lodge. Talk: Nicholas Derecki, The Difference Between Metropolitan and Rural Policing. LINK
Monday, September 21. 7.30pm. Lodge of Good Companions. Includes casual 10 minutes on Fishing Hotspots and Tactics. All welcome. LINK
• Tuesday, September 22. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. Kyneton Pizza Shop, 40 Aitken St. Limited numbers because of COVID-19 rules. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• Tuesday, September 22. 7pm. Peace and Loyalty Lodge. Speaker: Myles King: President Board of General Purposes. LINK
• Tuesday, September 22. 7pm. Richmond Lodge. DETAILS
• Tuesday, September 22. 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Mount Scopus and Collegians Lodge. Talk by Dr Philip A. Quadrio from Lodge Galileo who is the Director, College of Masonic Studies and Grand Lodge Membership Officer, NSW and ACT. ‘The North East or Charity Charge. The History and Inclusion of the Charge in Modern Freemasonry’. LINK: Meeting ID: 899 3672 5896. Passcode: 140108
Tuesday, September 22. 7.30pm. Middle Park Lodge. Talk: Barry Minster, ‘Electric Vehicles – Why not?’ Non-Masons welcome for talk. Attire: Dinner Suit, no regalia. LINK: Meeting ID: 846 6432 2019, Password: 247321.
Wednesday, September 23. Time TBA. Funeral Service for Wor. Bro. Ray Thomas.
• Wednesday, September 23. 2pm.Funeral Service for Bro. Greg Romanes. LINK
• Wednesday, September 23. 7pm. Dimboola Royal Ark Mariners No 132 and West Wimmera Mark Lodge No 132 meetings. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Craig Spendlove, ‘The Origins of the Mark Degree’. LINK
• Wednesday, September 23. 7.30pm. Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team. Members’ Meeting. Invitation to Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master and Grand Secretary. LINK
• Wednesday, September 23. 7:30 pm. Keystone Mark No 1. Short business meeting. Talk: Bill Jones, Grand Master Elect, ‘Women Freemasons’. All Freemasons welcome. Attire: smart casual. LINK
• Wednesday, September 23. 7.30pm. Western District. Open Online Forum. Guest: Greg Goding, Past Assistant Grand Master (Qld). PRE-REGISTER
• Wednesday, September 23. 8pm. Healesville Lodge. Talk: Dr Dan Eddy, AFL writer, speaking about his new book Crimmo, the life and death of Hawthorn star Peter Crimmins. LINK
• Thursday, September 24. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. Kyneton Pizza Shop, 40 Aitken St. Limited numbers because of COVID-19 rules. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• Friday, September 25. 7.30pm. The Victorian Lodge of Research. Talk: Lewis Allan, ‘Paschal Beverly Randolph’. LINK Password if required – 510249 • Monday, September 28. Time TBA. Spring Vale Lodge. Virtual Tour: Chapel of St John, Scotland. LINK TBA
• Monday, September 28. 7.30pm. St Andrews In The South, Geelong, Holy Royal Arch Chapter. Talk: Ruary Bucknall and Comp Fred McAnda, the Fundamentals and Importance of Mentoring. Open to all members of the Craft. Meeting ID: 983 0762 7500. Passcode: 286 730
• Monday, September 28. 7.30pm. South Gippsland Mark Lodge. Talk: Grand Lecturer, ‘Relationship of Mark Freemasonry and that of the Ark Mariners Degree’. LINK to come.
• Tuesday, September 29. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. All Welcome. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• Tuesday, September 29. 7pm.
Richmond Lodge. DETAILS
• Tuesday, September 29. 7.30pm. Werribee Mark Lodge. Talk: Barry Minster, ‘Development of the Electric Vehicle’. EA, FC, MM also welcome. LINK
• Wednesday, September 30. 7.30pm. Freemasons Victoria Business Meeting (Quarterly Communication has been postponed until December). LINK to come. 
• Thursday, October 1. 10.30am. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. All Welcome. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• Thursday, October 1, 7.30pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. Talk: Wayne Motton, ‘How To Conduct The Best Zoom Meetings’. All Welcome. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK to come.
• Thursday, October 1. 7.30pm. Killara Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, Deputy Grand Master. ‘Post COVID Freemasonry’. Richard Elkington, Grand Master, will be in attendance. Zaidee night: wear a rainbow bow-tie, in remembrance of the girl, 7, who died of a blood haemorrhage in her brain. • Friday, October 2. 7pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Gardenvale, Shepparton, Geelong, Maroondah, Sherbrooke, Mornington and Wimmera Councils.
Sunday, October 4. 2am. Daylight saving time will begin in Victoria. 
• Monday, October 5. Time TBA. Williamstown Lodge official visit to Rosebank Lodge. LINK to come.
• Tuesday, October 6. 6pm. Mentor Training Program. Launch. LINK
Tuesday, October 6. 7.30pm. Hearts Of Oak. Talk: Paul Brennand, Chair, Membership Volunteer Action Team. LINK to come.
Wednesday, October 7. 7pm. Old Scotch Collegians Lodge. Proclamation of Joseph Morrow as Patron. Attire: Smart casual with a touch of tartan. LINK
• Friday, October 9. 7pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Victorian, Kerang, Oakleigh, Ballarat, McMillan, South Gippsland and Adoniram Councils. 
Wednesday, October 14. Time TBA. Traralgon Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, ‘How To Create A Better Lodge Experience’. LINK to come. 
Thursday, October 15. 7pm. Prospect Hill Mark Meeting. Opening and closing. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Mark Masonry Prior to 1813. Attire: members jacket and tie, visitors smart casual. Open to non-Mark brethren. LINK
Wednesday, October 21. 7pm. Grand Lodge Library/Museum Talks. ‘A Discussion on Masonic Etiquette’. LINK
• Thursday, October 22. 7.30pm. Communications and Volunteer Action Team. Members only. LINK to come.
• Thursday, October 22. 7.45pm. Royal Ark Mariner Bayside trio meeting. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘In the Footsteps of Noah’. Current MMM, Former MMM, Current RAM, Former RAM only. LINK
• Saturday, October 24. 2pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Video Event in place of Annual Assembly which cannot be held due to COVID-19 lockdown. LINK to register, link TBA.

• Masonic Lodge and After Dinner Music. (32:06) LISTEN
• Mozart: The Magic Flute and Freemasonry. 
(02:41) WATCH
• Hail Eternal, By Whose Aid. (01:41) LISTEN

Vale Greg Romanes
• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of Bro. Greg Romanes, as a result of a fall at his home in Gaffneys Creek. He was found on Tuesday, September 8. Greg was born on May 29, 1962. He was father of Sarah and Megan; son of Bob and Judith; stepson ofPam; and brother of Jenny. His funeral service is scheduled for 2pm on Wednesday, September 23. LINK

Taskforce Reimagined
• When a disaster such as bushfire or flood hits, we expect to see the Salvation Army there. We don’t give a second thought to seeing the Red Cross in action. The Freemasons Victoria Taskforce is being reimagined – as a Volunteer Action Team – with the hope that our members might be highly visible and helpful fast responders. More details to come.

The Forget-Me-Not
• Richard Elkington, Grand Master, passes on this piece from Kring Nieuw Holland newsletter: “The story of the forget me not is that in early 1934, soon after Hitler’s rise to power, it became evident that Freemasonry was in danger. In that same year, the “Grand Lodge of the Sun” (one of the pre-war German Grand Lodges, located in Bayreuth) realising the grave dangers involved, adopted the little blue Forget-Me-Not flower as a substitute for the traditional square and compasses. It was felt the flower would provide brethren with an outward means of identification while lessening the risk of possible recognition in public by the Nazis, who were engaged in wholesale confiscation of all Masonic Lodge properties.
• “Freemasonry went undercover, and this delicate flower assumed its role as a symbol of Masonry surviving throughout the reign of darkness. During the ensuing decade of Nazi power a little blue Forget-Me-Not flower worn in a Brother’s lapel served as one method whereby brethren could identify each other in public, and in cities and concentration camps throughout Europe. The Forget-Me-Not distinguished the lapels of countless brethren who staunchly refused toallow the symbolic Light of Masonry to be completely extinguished.
• “When the ‘Grand Lodge of the Sun‘ was reopened in Bayreuth in 1947, by Past Grand Master Beyer, a little pin in the shape of a Forget-Me-Not was officially adopted as the emblem of that first annual convention of the brethren who had survived the bitter years of semi-darkness to rekindle the Masonic Light.”

Communications and Marketing
• Garry Runge, Grand Secretary, was a special attendee at the  Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team meeting last night (Wed.). VAT team members have taken on portfolios, and will each be building teams of volunteers. The portfolios are: Information Technology (Damian Byrne), Marketing (Xavier Murtagh), Stakeholder Relations (Luke Potter), Content – Radio (Bob Pullin), Content – Print and Online (Ash Long) and Fulfillment (Graeme Hawke). If you wish to be a volunteer for any of these groups, please send an email toash@Long.com.au or phone 0450 399 932.

$300,000 rescue boat
• Across the border, in the SA-NT jurisdiction, the Victor Harbor Times tells the story of a $300,000 contribution by Masonic charities: “Rescue capabilities and emergency response times on the Lower Lakes will be dramatically improved with the launch of a new, high-tech rescue vessel to be located at Milang.The vessel will be operated by the Milang Marine Search & Rescue Squadron and was funded through a donation of more than $300,000 by Masonic Charities.” LINK

7 is the perfect number
• We have set ourselves a target to add 7 extra opt-in subscribers per issue over the next 12 months. We want to reach 4000 readers each day by August 31, 2021. Will you help us reach our goal by telling others?Today,FVNews Daily welcomes Robert Kliaman and Brian Walsh.• Are members of your Lodge receiving FVNews Daily?Please let them know they can subscribe, free, HERE

Masonic Mailbag
• Paul Brennand, Grand Superintendent of Membership, says he was fascinated to read an item in yesterday’s FVNews Daily about author Neville Barker Cryer’s 96-page paperback, 
What Do You Know About Ritual? “At my initiation in January 1989, Bishop Neville Barker Cryer was the official visitor and he insisted we kept in touch – which we did for a couple of years.”

World News
•The Pocklington Post (UK)reports: The Old Pocklingtonian Lodge of Freemasons has managed to raise and donate money to the Ebor Vale Group of Riding for the Disabled during the coronavirus lockdown. The income of this local charity, based at Allerthorpe, which provides horse riding and carriage driving for local children and adults with disabilities from Pocklington, Market Weighton, Goole and Hull, has been hit hard through COVID-19 and it will benefit from this donation. The money will go towards essential costs such as rent, farriers, vets bills and feed for the ponies. A lodge spokesman said: “Over the lockdown, the Old Pocklingtonian Lodge has continued its work with local charities and as part of the second biggest charitable organisation in the country after the National Lottery.” LINK

What’s On: How You Can Help
• Lodges can assist by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au 
Please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

Famous Freemasons
King Edward VII – Albert Edward Wittin (1841-1910) – The son of Queen Victoria, formerly the Prince of Wales and subsequently King of the United Kingdom and the Colonies (1901-1910), during his reign he helped to modernise the Royal Navy and improve the medical facilities of theBritish Army. King Edward was the first and only monarch of the House of Saxe-Coburg. His son, King George V, prudently renamed this prior to war with Germany in World War I to become the House of Windsor.• An active Freemason throughout his life, when Edward, as the Prince of Wales, was installed as Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England in 1874, he gave great impetus to the fraternity. The Prince was a great supporter of and publicist for Freemasonry. As Grand Master, he regularly appeared in public, both at home and on his tours abroad, laying the foundation stones of public buildings, bridges, dockyards and churches with all due Masonic ceremonial. His presence ensured publicity, and reports of Masonic meetings appeared regularly in the national and local press. Under his patronage Freemasonry was constantly in the public eye and Freemasons became known in their local communities. From 637 in 1814, the Grand Lodge had grown to 2850 lodges when the Prince resigned the Grand Mastership on becoming King in 1901. Edward VIIwas a vigorous contributor to the world’s largest fraternity.- Timothy Horton

Masonic Knowledge
• King Solomon’s Temple. LINK

Masonic Wisdom
• “”You can acquire a house, but you can’t acquire a home. Because a home is not built of bricks and mortar, but love and memories.You can’t pay for it, and you’re only short-changing people if you try.” – Bro. Bud Tingwell, as Lawrence Hammill in The Castle.

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