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Saturday, August 13, 2022

DAILY. Fri., Sep. 25, 2020


FVNews Daily.  No. 113. Friday, September 25, 2020
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UPDATED DAILY. What’s On (48 listings)
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Friday, September 25

• 7.30pm. The Victorian Lodge of Research. Talk: Lewis Allan, ‘Paschal Beverly Randolph’. LINK Password if required – 510249

Monday, September 28
• 10am for 10.15am.Funeral Service for RWor. Bro. Jack Fraser. LINK
• 7.30pm. St Andrews In The South, Geelong, Holy Royal Arch Chapter. Talk: Ruary Bucknall and Comp Fred McAnda, the Fundamentals and Importance of Mentoring. Open to all members of the Craft. Meeting ID: 983 0762 7500. Passcode: 286 730
• 7.30pm. South Gippsland Mark Lodge. Talk: Bill Jones, ‘Relationship of Mark Freemasonry and that of the Ark Mariners Degree’. LINK
• 7.30pm. 
Masonic Caravan Club of Victoria. Meeting. LINK• 7.50pm.Spring Vale Lodge. Virtual Tour: Chapel of St John, Scotland. LINK

Tuesday, September 29
• 10.30am
. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. All Welcome. Attire: Smart Casual.
• 7pm. Lodge Amalthea. Regular meeting. Talk: Dr Mike Kearsley, ‘Master-elect of Quatuor Coronati Lodge, in London (the Premier Lodge of Research). ‘The disunited Kingdom – the British and Freemasonry’. Attire: Dinner suit. LINK
• 7pm. Richmond Lodge. DETAILS
• 7.30pm. Werribee Mark Lodge. Talk: Barry Minster, ‘Development of the Electric Vehicle’. EA, FC, MM also welcome. LINK
• 7.30pm. Centenary Holy Royal Arch Chapter. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Building of the Second Temple’. Invitees: All Companions an former Companions, and brethren interested in Royal Arch Masonry.

Wednesday, September 30
• 10.30am.VAT Leaders Special Meeting. Guest: Jeremy Cattell.
• 7.30pm. Freemasons Victoria Business Meeting (Quarterly Communication has been postponed until December). LINK to come. 
• 7.30pm. Central Highlands Conclave, Order of the Secret Monitor. Talk: Kent Henderson, ‘Our Grand Lodge relationships with sister Grand Lodges worldwide’ (effectively in Kent’s capacity as Secretary of the FV Fraternal Relations Committee). All welcome. Attire: Casual. LINK

Thursday, October 1
• 10.30am
. Kyneton Gentlemen’s Club. Kyneton Pizza Shop, 40 High St. Limited numbers because of COVID-19 rules. Attire: Smart Casual. 
• 7pm. Drouin Chapter. 7.30pm. Visitors admitted, Talk: Peter White, ‘Walking The Kokoda Track – A Personal Experience’. Attire: Neat Casual. LINK
• 7.30pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. Talk: Wayne Motton, ‘How To Conduct The Best Zoom Meetings’. All Welcome. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK to come.
• 7.30pm. Killara Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, Deputy Grand Master. ‘Post COVID Freemasonry’. Richard Elkington, Grand Master, will be in attendance. Zaidee night: wear a rainbow bow-tie, in remembrance of the girl, 7, who died of a blood haemorrhage in her brain. LINK. Meeting ID 74062482640 & Password 403265
• 7.30pm. Whitehorse Royal Arch Chapter. Talk on the Patriarchal system evidenced in the EMM ceremony. EMMs and Companions Only. LINK

Friday, October 2 
• 7pm.
 Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Gardenvale, Shepparton, Geelong, Maroondah, Sherbrooke, Mornington and Wimmera Councils.
• 7pm. Melbourne Shrine Club Trivia Night. Won a bottle of whisky. LINK

Saturday, October 3
• 8pm. Lodge of Evolution. Talk: Jon T. Ruark, ‘The Revelation: A Critical Analysis of Masonic Demographics’. LINK

Sunday, October 4 2am. Daylight saving time will begin in Victoria. 

Monday, October 5
• Time TBA. Williamstown Lodge official visit to Rosebank Lodge. LINK to come.
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club of Victoria. Meeting. LINK
• 7.30pm. Rosebank Lodge. Official visit from Williamstown. Talk: Paul Brennand. Membership Volunteer Action Team. Meeting ID 824 152 8207

Tuesday, October 6
• 6pm. Mentor Training Program. Launch. LINK
• 7pm. Old Melburnians Lodge. 7.30pm. Mitchell River Lodge (Bairnsdale) visiting. Discussion: “If individual lodges hold true to the ‘landmarks of the order’ should they be able to make individual decisions about the running of meetings and internal lodge administration rather than having them prescribed centrally by the United Grand Lodge of Victoria?” Attire: Neat Casual. LINK• TBA. Lodge Garibaldi. Non-ceremonial meeting. LINK

Wednesday, October 7
• 10.30am. VAT Leaders. Fortnightly Meeting.
• 7pm. Old Scotch Collegians Lodge. Proclamation of Joseph Morrow as Patron. Attire: Smart casual with a touch of tartan. LINK

Thursday, October 8
10am.Freemasons Future Recovery Team. Committee members. LINK to come.
7pm.Masons Connect. ‘Sharing Freemasonry’. RSVP
• 7pm for 7.30pm. Union Lodge of North Gippsland. Talk: John Parkinson, ‘Let’s Talk’. LINK
7.30pm. Hearts Of Oak. Talk: Paul Brennand, Chair, Membership Volunteer Action Team. LINK to come.

Friday, October 9
• 7pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Victorian, Kerang, Oakleigh, Ballarat, McMillan, South Gippsland
• 7pm. EDL. Talk: Michael Maher, ‘The French Foreign Legion’. All welcome, partners too. LINK
• 7:30pm Altona Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, ‘Masonic Time Machine – Post COVID Freemasonry’. LINK

Monday, October 12
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club of Victoria. Meeting. LINK

Wednesday, October 14
• 7pm. Traralgon Lodge. Visitors at 7.15pm. Talk: Anthony Bucca, ‘How To Create A Better Lodge Experience’. LINK
• 7.30pm. Williamstown Lodge. Talk: David Newgreen, ‘Visiting Lodges Nationally and Abroad’. LINK

Thursday, October 15
• 7pm. Prospect Hill Mark Meeting. Opening and closing. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Mark Masonry Prior to 1813. Attire: members jacket and tie, visitors smart casual. Open to non-Mark brethren. LINK

Saturday, October 17
• 12 Noon. Education VAT Esoteric Freemasonry Series. Talk: Travis Trinca, ‘An Introduction to Hermeticism’. Hosted by Richard Shelly. LINK

Monday, October 19
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club of Victoria. Meeting. LINK

Wednesday, October 21 • 7pm. Grand Lodge Library/Museum Talks. ‘A Discussion on Masonic Etiquette’. LINK

Thursday, October 22

• 7.30pm. Communications and Volunteer Action Team. Members only. LINK to come.

• 7.45pm. Royal Ark Mariner Bayside trio meeting. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘In the Footsteps of Noah’. Current MMM, Former MMM, Current RAM, Former RAM only. LINK

Saturday, October 24
• 9.30am-3pm.Secretaries’ Course. Hosted by Eric Williams and Barry Reaper. Register for both morning and afternoon sessions. MORNING and AFTERNOON
• 2pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Video Event in place of Annual Assembly which cannot be held due to COVID-19 lockdown. LINK
• 5pm. Concord Mark. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Importance of the Mark Lodge’. For Master Masons and above. Attire: Casual. LINK

Tuesday, October 27
• 7.45pm. Lodge Epicurean. Talks: Peter Gumley on his Isolation rehabilitation and Armen Mardirousi, Secretary of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542 to talk about his own Masonic journey, Hollywood lodge and starting a lodge in California.

• The Evolution of Scottish Freemasonry. (01:05:58) LINK
• Becoming A Freemason (Canada). (01:00) LINK
• Secret World of Freemasons Exposed (Today Tonight). (04:11) LINK

Vale David McGee
• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of RWor. Bro. David Mauger McGee PSGW of Sandringham District Lodge at the age of 91. 24/8/1929 – 24/9/2020. As MWor. Bro. D. M. McGee, he was Past Grand Master of the Mark Degree. Funeral details are unclear as at least one of his children is overseas and will be unable to return to Australia for the funeral. A Memorial Service at some future time should be anticipated, but I will confirm as soon as possible.• David, formerly ‘on air’ and in management roles at radio station 3AW, had the rare ‘honour’ of hearing an incorrect report about his own death three years ago when the Nightline program broadcast an item without checking.

Scots visitors to Spring Vale
• At 7.50pm on Monday (Sep. 28), visitors will be admitted to the Spring Vale Lodge meeting. Giorgio Migliaccio advises: “At approximately 8pm we will be joined by our special guests from Edinburgh. Wor.Bro. Alan Dickson, Grand Secretary of the Royal Order of Scotland and Wor. Bro. Malcolm MacRae, the Past Master of Lodge Canongate Kilwinning (Edinburgh, Scotland) and Grand Director of Music for the Royal Order of Scotland. They will give us a virtual tour of the Chapel of St John. Lodge Canongate Kilwinning, is one of the oldest Lodges operating under the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Scotland, it was founded in 1677 and has met in the Chapel of St John since 1735 and given the distinction of meeting in the oldest purpose built Masonic room in constant use in the world. Wor. Bro Malcolm will also play the famous Snetzler organ for us at the end of the tour.” LINK

Masons help violence victims
• “Domestic abuse victims escaping violence often arrive in refuges with nothing more than the clothes on their backs – so Lincolnshire Freemasons have given £5000 to help them on a journey to a new and abuse-free life,” reports the Horncastle News (UK). LINK

First meeting since COVID-19
• “On Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020, the Free and Accepted Masons of Forest Lodge 166 (US) held their first meeting since closing up in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Meeting under strict new guidelines, including the wearing of masks, social distancing and use of sanitizer, (and the toughest part of all for Masons, no handshakes), the lodge conducted its annual communication to elect officers. A closed, private installation of the newly elected officers was held on the same night, in the interest of time,” reports the ObserverLINK

Masonic Mailbag
• Les Mighalls, Senior Warden at Bank Place Lodge, emails: “Many thanks for these updates of What’s On. The concept is absolutely brilliant. They are very much appreciated and in conjunction with Zoomthey enable us to “visit with other Lodges very easily”.”

Friday Flashback
• This time last year, the Daily Record newspaper told how Freemasons in Scotland closed social media accounts after Masonic secrets were revealed online: “The famously private organisation has logged off after confidential information was revealed and public spats broke out between members … the move is a U-turn on a policy begun several years ago when the organisation piloted a publicity drive on social media to boost membership.” LINK

World News
• Visit Masonic Hall in New York City. SEE MORE

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Famous Freemasons
Houdini, Harry (Real name: Erik Weisz) (1874-1926) – Born in Budapest, Hungary, Harry Houdini has been recognised as THE premier American magician and escapologist of the early 20th Century, known for his escapes from chains, handcuffs, straitjackets and padlocked, water-filled containers. He was also a sceptic who set out to expose frauds purporting to be supernatural phenomena. Harry Houdiniwas immensely proud of his Masonic affiliations and became a Shriner just before his untimely death at the age of 52 from peritonitis. Harry Houdini was initiated into Freemasonry on August 21, 1923, in St Cecile Lodge No. 568, New York.
– Timothy Horton

Masonic Knowledge
• The subject of Jacob’s Ladder is discussed in the Freemason magazine published by the NSW/ACT jurisdiction: “We first hear of Jacob’s Ladder in Genesis 28:10-22. During his arduous journey fromBeersheba to Haran, Jacob stopped to rest in a desolate place. In a dream, he saw a ladder; its baserested on the earth and its top reached to heaven. The ladder, on which angels of God were ascending and descending, represents the connectionbetween the human and the divine. The ladder is an allegory of the divine action that should precede all human activity. It is in contrast to the Tower ofBabel, built by men, who in their pride, wanted to reach heaven to become gods.” READ MORE on Page 24

Masonic Wisdom
• “Don’t be afraid of enemies who attack you. Be afraid of the friends who flatter you.” – Bro. Dale Carnegie

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