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Sunday, September 19, 2021

FVNews. Mon.-Tue., Mar. 1-2, 2021

No. 174. Monday-Tuesday, March 1-2, 2021

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What’s On (88 listings)

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Monday, March 1

• 11am. Funeral Service for John Banfield. St Mary’s Catholic Church, Parade Place, Corowa. Masonic Service at Graveside.
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
• 7.30pm. Commonwealth Lodge. At Mirboo North Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. City of Footscray-Wyndham Lodge. First Degree. At Sunshine West Masonic Centre.
Tuesday, March 2
• TBA. Masonic Advancement Program (MAP). First Degree. Casual attire. Bring passport. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Lodge of Commerce. Emergency Meeting. To obligate Master Elect. At Freemasons Melbourne.
• 7.30pm. Old Melburnians Lodge. Double 1st. At Freemasons Bayside. RSVP essential for catering. 
Wednesday, March 3

• TBA. Melton Lodge of Instruction. Deacon’s work in the First Degree with two candidates. At Melton Masonic Centre

• TBA. Whittlesea Lodge. Open and close, business meeting. At Whittlesea Masonic Centre.
• 7pm. Gippsland Lodge. Double First Degree. At Sale Masonic Centre.

Thursday, March 4
• 6pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. ‘Special’ and First Degree. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Kyabram Lodge. First Degree MAP Session, and Second Degree. At Kyabram Masonic Centre.

• TBA. Killara Lodge. Open and close, ballot, fellowship night in the South. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.
• NIL. Macedon Ranges Lodge. No meeting this month.
• NIL. Centenary Lodge of Instruction. No meeting this month.

Friday, March 5
• 7.30pm. Nagambie Lodge. Return of Warrant to Brendan Wallace, District Co-Ordinator. At Freemasons Keysborough.
Sunday, March 7
• 8.30am. Kyabram Lodge. Sunday Breakfast. Partners welcome. At Kyabram Masonic Centre.
Monday, March 8

• TBA. Ivalda Lodge of Instruction. First meeting for the year. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Tuesday, March 9

• TBA. Lord Northcote Lodge. First Degree. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Brighton District Lodge. At Bayside Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Marnoo Lodge. 1st Degree. At Stawell Masonic Centre.
Wednesday, March 10

• TBA. Fairfield Lodge. Second Degree. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Phillip Island Lodge. Talk: Ken Barnes, The Role of District Mentor Officer. At Cowes Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Traralgon Lodge. Initiation. At Latrobe Valley Masonic Centre, Traralgon.
Thursday, March 11
• TBA. Antient York Lodge. First Degree. At Preston Masonic Centre.
• 7pm. Union Lodge of North Gippsland. Short open and close. Attire: Casual. Dinner at Bairnsdale Club. Partners and visitors welcome.

• 7pm. Gisborne Lodge. Open and close, business meeting. At Gisborne Masonic Centre. RSVP essential for catering.
Friday, March 12
• TBA. Sunbury Lodge. Obligation of the Master-Elect. At Sunbury Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Altona Lodge. 2nd Degree Ceremony. At Williamstown Masonic Centre.
Saturday, March 13
• TBA. Lodge of Commerce visit to Gippsland Lakes Lodge. Second Degree. At Lakes Entrance.
• 10am. Old Melburnians. Double First. Attire: Dark lounge suit. At Freemasons Bayside. Festive Board at Yagiz Turkish Restaurant: BOOK
• 10am and 1pm. Williamstown Lodge. Special Meetings. Two Double Initiation Ceremonies.Sunday, March 14
• TBA. Freemasons Victoria Cycling Special Interest Group. Fundraiser for Fiona Elsey Foundation at Ballarat. LINK
Monday, March 15
• 6pm. Melbourne St Clair Reunion Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team. At Freemasons Melbourne.
• 7pm. United Wimmera Royal Ark Mariner Lodge. 7pm. United Wimmera Lodge of Mark Master Masons. At Ararat Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Tuesday, March 16
• TBA. Brunswick United Lodge. Ballot, First Degree (double). At Brunswick Masonic Centre.
• TBA. Combermere (English Constitution). No meeting this month, meetings to start in April.

• TBA. Elrona Lodge. First Degree. Closed Meeting. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.
• 10am. Dallas Brooks Daylight Lodge. Talk: Peter Russell, The A-Model Ford. At Wangaratta Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Footscray St John’s Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team. At Sunshine Masonic Centre.

Wednesday, March 17
• 7.30pm. Quarterly Communication. At Freemasons Bayside. Details TBA.
Thursday, March 18
• TBA. Samaritan Lodge (Daylight). Open and close, business meeting, vote for Master Elect. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• TBA.Albert Victor Lodge. Open and close, business meeting. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7pm.Prospect Hill Lodge. Talk: Ian Brown. Attire: Members – jacket and tie, Visitors – smart casual. LINK

Friday, March 19
• TBA. Diamond Valley Lodge. Second Degree (double). At Diamond Creek Masonic Centre.
• TBA.Army Lodge. Open and close, planning for ANZAC meeting in April. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.

Saturday, March 20
• 3pm. Star of the East Lodge. Installation by Gippsland Team with Richard Elkington. At Freemasons Omeo.
Monday, March 22

• TBA. Metropolis Lodge. First Degree. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Tuesday, March 23

• TBA. Admiral Collingwood Lodge. Second Degree. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.

Wednesday, March 24

• TBA. Weston Street United Lodge. First Degree. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.

Thursday, March 25

• TBA. Revival Lodge. First Degree. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.

Friday, March 26
• TBA. Grand Installation Rehearsal. At Freemasons Bayside.
• NIL. Lodge of Research. No meeting this month.

• NIL. Endeavour Lodge. Online. No meeting this month.
Saturday, March 27
• TBA. Grand Re-Installation. 2021 Team. At Freemasons Bayside. Details TBA.

• 2pm. Huon Daylight Lodge. Installation by 108 Team. At Freemasons Wodonga.
Sunday, March 28
• 10am. Masonic Advancement Program. First Degree. 11.30am. Second Degree.1pm. Third Degree. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.
Monday, March 29
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Wednesday, March 31
• 7.30pm. The Great Debate. NSW v Victoria. ‘Is a belief in a god necessary to be a good Freemason?’ DETAILS Meeting ID: 889 1705 1154

Thursday, April 1
• 7.15pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. First Degree. Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.

Friday, April 2 – Good Friday
• All Day. Collections for Royal Children’s Hospital Good Friday Appeal.
Saturday, April 3 – Holy Saturday
• Holiday Weekend

Sunday, April 4 – Easter Sunday
• Holiday Weekend

Thursday, April 8
• 6pm. Gordon Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team with Tony Bucca, supported by John Rodrigo. At Essendon Masonic Centre.
Saturday, April 10
• 3pm. Gippsland Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team with Richard Elkington. At Sale Masonic Centre.

• 4pm. Benambra Lodge. Installation by 108 Team with David Keame. At Tallangatta Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Duke of Connaught Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team with Chris Scott. At Korumburra Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Stewart Lodge of St Arnaud. Installation of Neville Wharton by the 2021 Country Team. At St Arnaud Masonic Centre.
• 5pm. Lodge Concordia.  Installation by 2021 Team with Felix Pintado. At Latrobe Valley Masonic Centre.
Sunday, April 11

• TBA. Earl of Dunmore Lodge. Installation of Tony Meechan by Rob McGregor. Richard Elkington at Festive Board. At Freemasons Bayside.
Monday, April 12
• 5pm. Carisbrook Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team with John McTaggart. At Freemasons Carisbrook.

Tuesday, April 13
• 10am. Allara Lodge. Installation by Magenta Team with Leonard Kelly. 
Thursday, April 15
• 9.30am. Sale Daylight Lodge. Installation by Gippsland Team with Chris Scott. At Sale Masonic Centre.
Friday, April 16
• TBA. South Australian Grand Installation.
Saturday, April 17

• TBA. South Australian Grand Installation.

• 4pm. Koo Wee Rup Lodge. Installation by South Gippsland Team with Paul Vassil. At Koo Wee Rup Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Rupertswood Numurkah Lodge. Installation by North East Team with David Blake. At Shepparton Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Zetland Lodge. By 2021 Country Team with Bob Jones. At Freemasons Kyneton.

Sunday, April 18
• TBA. South Australian Grand Installation.

Monday, April 19
• 10am. Eureka Daylight Lodge. By 2021 Country Team with John McTaggart. At Ballarat Masonic Centre.
Tuesday, April 20
• 6.30pm. Ballarat-Yarowee Lodge. Installation by 2021 Ceremonial Team. 75-Year Jewel to Bill Messer. 65-Year Jewel to Max Matters. At Ballarat Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Moorabbin Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team. At Bayside Masonic Centre.
Friday, April 23
• TBA. Lodge of Research. Truncated Version.
Saturday, April 24

• 3pm. Garibaldi Lodge. Installation by 2021 Lodge with Matt Donato. At Freemasons Brunswick.
• 4pm. Prince of Wales Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team. At Smythesdale Masonic Centre.

Sunday, April 25 – ANZAC Day

• Throughout Day. Dawn Service, Marches across Victoria.

Monday, April 26

• 9.30am. Derrimut Daylight Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team with Richard Elkington. At Freemasons Sunshine.

• 6.30pm. Baxter Lodge. 2021 Team with Richard Elkington. At Frankston and District Masonic Centre.

Tuesday, April 27

• 6.30pm. Mt Franklin St George Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team with John McTaggart. At Freemasons Daylesford.


• Grand Master’s Video. (21:51) WATCH
‘The Masonic Time Machine’ by the Deputy Grand Master (00:01:29) WATCH

• Mentoring and Coaching In Queensland. WATCH
• Liberal Arts and Sciences. VIDEO 1, VIDEO 2, VIDEO 3

Published Information

• Freemasons Victoria. Re-Opening Lodges: The Manual. Version 2. READ
• Freemasons Victoria. COVID-19 Modifications for Lodge Ceremonies. LOG INat Freemasons Victoria website

Vale Neville Alkemade

• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above ofWBro Neville Robert Alkemade, Sept. 29,1929-Feb. 212021, aged 92. Duke of Abercorn Lodge No. 137 (69 years a mason). Passed away peacefully at the Williamstown Hospital, surrounded by his family. Husband of Sandra. Father and Father-in-law of Bill and Maria, Margaret and Martin. Grandad of Brayden, Thomas, Stephanie, Luke and Ethan

Vale Dennis Booth

• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above ofWor. Bro. Dennis Booth. Geoff Newby writes: “It is with great sadness that I advise that WBro Dennis Booth of Stratford passed away this morning (Monday). Dennis Booth was a local icon and well respected community member. He was diagnosed with MND a few months ago and he fought the disease to his last breath. Dennis was a local who supported his community in many ways, a Commonwealth Games medalist in boxing, an avid bike rider and respected member of the local CFA for many years. He was Master of the Avon Lodge, then joined King Edward Lodge and later Gippsland Lodge where he was a regular attendee. He thoroughly enjoyed his freemasonry and will be very sadly missed.”

Today (March 1): Visiting Re-Commences

• It has been a year since visiting has been  allowed in Victorian lodges. Garry Runge, Grand Secretary, issued a statement on Friday (Feb. 26) following the Premier’s announcement of easing of COVID restrictions: Visiting Lodges across Victoria may resume from Monday 1 March, subject to some conditions: “Masks are mandatory only in high-risk settings, which should not apply to Lodge meetings. Of course, the voluntary wearing of masks remains optional.

• “The number of people in Lodge Rooms at Masonic Centres is governed by the 2m2 and 4m2 rules, previously circulated by the Grand Secretariat, after deliberation by the Freemasons Victoria Future Recovery Team, and subject always to the latest Government regulation. The Worshipful Master, Lodge Secretary and Director of Ceremonies have a joint responsibility to know and supervise the maximum number of people able to be on the premises and ensure that this number is not exceeded.

• “First preference under this attendance ‘cap’ must be members of the Lodge. If the number of members and visitors exceeds the number permitted on the premises, a number of the visitors (and subsequently, if necessary, members) must regrettably be declined admittance. At all times, health and safety must be our first priority. Let us all err on the side of caution. The latest Government regulations, particularly in regard to physical distancing, must always be obeyed.”

Grand Master’s Latest Video

• Richard Elkington, Grand Master, issued on a new video on Saturday (Feb. 27), covering subjects including the Masonic Governing Council, Myrtleford handover, VAT leaders, Installations and the Grand Installation, and a special presentation to George Raphael. WATCH

History Lesson at Zetland

• Brian Ward gave details of some local Masonic history at the February meeting: “On February 22, 1859, an important event occurred at the Junction Hotel (Kyneton). This Hotel was at the corner of Baynton and Mollison Streets, on the site now occupied by the reject shop. The Brethren of Kyneton held a preliminary meeting to suggest the formation of a Freemasons Lodge. Eight Master Masons and one entered apprentice were present.

• “Bro. R D Thompson was in the chair and explained that the object of the meeting was to take the necessary steps for the formation of a masonic lodge and he hoped that the brethren present wound cooperate with him to make every effort to make a dispensation. Bro. McClure, from Woodend, was elected as Master-Elect. He presided at two subsequent meetings where rules and arrangements for the installation were attended to.

• “The inauguration of the Zetland Lodge (EC.1100) took place at the lodge room at the Junction Hotel on Saturday, May 7, 1859, Some 32 Freemasons were present including some from the Lodge of Concord (EC 1064) Castlemaine, Wor. Bro. Gell PDGM and Wor. Bro. Loray PSGD. The first Wor. Master of Zetland Masonic Lodge was G.A. Mokler.”

Masonic Mailbag

Ken Barnes writes about the solar power initiative discussed by the Grand Master in his latest video: “On the subject of electricity bills for our lodges, those centres with which I am familiar would not attract sufficiently high bills to make solar power viable but could we not all come together and bulk buy power as Freemasons Victoria?”
Jeff Carswell writes: “Thank you very much for providing me with the video chat. I have just enjoyed watching it here on a Saturday morning in Denmark. Most enjoyable and informative. A big thank you again to you and our Grand Master.”

Historic Windows Get Watchers

• “The developers who plan to convert the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Center in downtown Milwaukee into apartments want a new home for the building’s stained-glass windows, and at least one member of the local real estate community has expressed interest,” reports the Milwaukee Business Journal. READ MORE

Manny Inducted

• A Brother’s religious life is his private business … but that does not stop us celebrating milestones and achievements. Emmanuel Marabeliotakis has been accepted into the minor clergy of the Greek Orthodox Church in St Albans.

Septaquintaquinquecentennial Good Time
• The Marshall News Messenger (Texas) reports on the Marshall Masonic Lodge No. 22’s 175th anniversary commemoration of “a legacy of history, honour and dedication to others”. “The lodge, founded officially in 1845, is one of only 25 lodges chartered by the Grand Lodge of the Republic of Texas, which were formed before Texas received its statehood. The lodge was officially formed Jan. 18, 1845. Though the lodge officially turned 175 in 2020, they were unable to celebrate due to the COVID-19 pandemic and safety concerns.” READ MORE

World News

• “Some of the rumours say the Freemasons brand members when they join, participate in blood sacrifices, sleep in coffins, are a religious cult, or cut out members’ tongues when they die,” reports the Trinidad and Tobago Newsday. “This is not true, said Courtney WT Browne, district deputy grandmaster of the 8th Masonic District of the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. “I have been in this game almost 45 years and I have never experienced any of the things I hear some people talking about,” he told Sunday Newsday. READ MORE

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Famous Freemasons
• Burns, Robert (1759-1796) – The National Poet of Scotland, Robert Burns’ lyrics, written in dialect and infused with humour, celebrate love, patriotism, and rustic life. Freemasonry was more important to him than any other institution in Scotland and the ‘piping in’ of the Haggis is still performed in every Scottish Constitution Lodge during the Master’s Installation.
• When he was 22, Burns was initiated into St David’s Lodge No.174 in Tarbolton on July 4, 1781. He was passed and raised on October 1, 1781. Later his lodge became dormant and Burns joined Lodge St James Tarbolton Kilwinning No.135. The location of the Temple where he was made a Freemason is unknown.

Masonic Knowledge
•  Hertfordshire Freemasons have volunteered themselves and hall for the COVID-19 vaccination drive. READ MORE

Masonic Wisdom
•  Unmasonic Conduct is the converse of Masonic Conduct. The qualities of Masonic Conduct are laid out clearly in our rituals, and the obligations that we choose to take. True Freemasons do not require written Job Descriptions. They already know in their hearts what is the right thing to do.

The Last Word
•  “Some hae meat and canna eat, — And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, Sae let the Lord be thankit.” – Bro. Robbie Burns.

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