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Tuesday, July 5, 2022

FVNews. Mon., Apr. 12, 2021

No. 183. Monday, April 12, 2021
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Monday, April 12

• 10am. Maroondah Daylight Lodge. Jewels: Greig Jamieson (50), Graeme Fairbairn (60), Kevin Burnell (65). At Ringwood Masonic Centre.

• 5pm. Carisbrook Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team with John McTaggart. At Freemasons Carisbrook.

• 7pm. United Press Lodge. Regular Meeting. At Box Hill Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Brunswick Ark Meeting. Talk: ‘Men and Horses of the Australian Lighthorse’. ZOOM Meeting ID: 746 6644 9770. Passcode: BARK14

• 7.30pm. City of Abbotsford Chapter. At Collingwood.

• 7.30pm. Ivalda Lodge of Instruction. Specific Officer Training as required. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. United Ararat Lodge. Talk by Paul Moralee. At Ararat Masonic Centre.

Tuesday, April 13
• 10am. Allara Lodge. Installation by Magenta Team with Leonard Kelly. 

• 10am. Essendon Mark Lodge. Business Meeting. At Essendon Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Lord Northcote Lodge. Installation by Unanimity Team. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7pm. Brunswick United Lodge. First Degree. At Brunswick Masonic Centre. South at Moreland Hotel.
• 7pm. North Melbourne Lodge. Social Film Night: ‘The Courier’. At Village Cinema, Crown Casino, Southbank. $15. BOOK
• 7pm. University Lodge. Second Degree. At Freemasons Melbourne.

• 7.15pm. Robbie Burns Phoenix. Second Degree. At Western Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Ballarat St George Mark Lodge. Walk through of Ceremony of Advancement. 60-Year Jewel: David Pratt.

• 7.30pm. Brighton District Lodge. Second Degree. Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. At Freemasons Bayside.• 7.30pm. Marnoo Lodge. Second Degree. At Stawell Masonic Centre.
Wednesday, April 14

• 7.30pm. Fairfield Lodge. Vacant Chair Ceremony. Talk on ANZAC. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Phillip Island Lodge. Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. Partners and guests welcome. At Cowes Masonic Centre. 

• 7.30pm. Traralgon Lodge. Obligation of Master-Elect. 40-Year Badges. Ladies In The South. At Latrobe Valley Masonic Centre, Traralgon.

• 7.30pm. United Schools Lodge. Double First Degree. At Bayside Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Williamstown Lodge. Second Degree, Vacant Chair. At Williamstown Masonic Centre.
Thursday, April 15

• 9.15am for 9.30am. Sale Daylight Lodge. Obligation and Installation of Peter Hamilton by Country Grand Lodge Team with Chris Scott. At Sale Masonic Centre. Lunch at Sale RSL, $20. Book: David Aubrey, 0488 547 725.

• 11am. Samaritan (Daylight) Lodge, Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Albert Victor Lodge. Second Degree. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Kensington Lodge. Double Second Degree. At Essendon Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Lodge of Concentration. Talk: Joel Solomon. Jewels: Ian Heatley (50), Daniel Pollock (60), Frank Rennie (60). At Ringwood Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Melton Lodge. Vacant Chair. 50-Year Jewel: Ross Knight. At Melton Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Victorian Naval and Military. At Freemasons Melbourne.

• 7.30pm. Werribee Lodge of Instruction. For all Master Masons. At Werribee Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Williamstown St Andrew Lodge. First Degree. At Williamstown Masonic Centre.
Friday, April 16
• TBA. South Australian Grand Installation.
• TBA. Army Lodge. Combined ANZAC Meeting. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 10am. Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge. Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. At Bairnsdale Masonic Centre.

• 1.30pm. Funeral Service for Brian Kinorss. At William Farmer Funerals, 12 Victoria St, Eaglehawk.
• 6.30pm. SEAVIC Lodge. Ark Presentation. At The Athenaeum Club, 87 Collins St, Melbourne. BOOK

• 7.15pm. Sunshine Wisdom Lodge. Double First Degree. At Western Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. The Diamond Valley Lodge. First Degree (Double). At Diamond Creek Masonic Centre.
Saturday, April 17

• 11am-3pm. Combined Lodges ANZAC Reunion Meeting. Cost: $50 for lunch and refreshments. Surplus funds to Legacy. Attire: Service Dress, Decorations, Sam Browne, Battle Dress, Lounge Suit (all with Medals) or Mess Dress (with Miniatures). At Ivalda Masonic Centre. RSVP: April 13. EMAIL

• 3pm. South Australian Grand Installation.

• 4pm. Koo Wee Rup Lodge. Installation by South Gippsland Team with Paul Vassil. At Koo Wee Rup Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Rupertswood Numurkah Lodge. Installation by North East Team with David Blake. At Numurkah Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Zetland Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team with Bob Jones. At Freemasons Kyneton. Banquet at Shamrock Hotel, Kyneton. RSVP: April 10.

Sunday, April 18
• TBA. South Australian Grand Installation.

• TBA. Masonic Advancement Program. Third Degree. Attire: Casual Dress. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.
• NIL. Western Mark Lodge of Instruction. In recess until further notice.
• 4pm. Melbourne High School Lodge. First Degree. At Melbourne High School.

• 7.30pm. Masonic Advancement Program. MAP3. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.

Monday, April 19

• NIL. Footscray Royal Arch Chapter. Meeting Odd Months Only. At Western Masonic Centre.
• 9.30am. Eureka Daylight Lodge. By 2021 Country Team with John McTaggart. At Ballarat Masonic Centre.

• 7pm. Blackburn United Lodge. Double First Degree. At Box Hill Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Lodge of Good Companions. Second Degree. At Waverley Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. St George Lodge. First Degree. At Dunolly Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Williamstown Chapter. Election, Eulogies. No catering. At Freemasons Williamstown.
Tuesday, April 20

• TBA. Brunswick United Lodge. First Degree (Double). Jewel Presentation. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.

• TBA. Combermere (English Constitution). Zoom meeting for members only.

• TBA. Elrona Lodge. Vacant Chair, Presentation of MM Certificate. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.

• 10am. Dallas Brooks Lodge. Talk: Peter Russell, The ‘A Model’ Ford. At Wangaratta Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Ballarat-Yarowee Lodge. Installation by 2021 Ceremonial Team. 75-Year Jewel to Bill Messer. 65-Year Jewel to Max Matters. At Ballarat Masonic Centre.
• 6.30pm. Moorabbin Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team. At Bayside Masonic Centre.
• 7pm. 8pm: Visitors. St Andrews In The South Lodge. Jewel Presentation: Ian Apted. At Geelong Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Footscray St John’s Lodge. First Degree, 50-Year Jewel: Malcolm McEgan. At Western Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Lowan Lodge. First Degree. Attire: Full Regalia, no gloves. At Lowan Masonic Centre, Nhill.

Thursday, April 22
• TBA. Revival Lodge. Vacant Chair Ceremony. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.
• 7.30pm. Creswick Havilah Lodge. Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. Creswick Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. The Lilydale Lodge. Ballot. At Lilydale Masonic Centre.
Friday, April 23
• 6.30pm. Victorian Lodge of Research. Installation of Wor. Bro. Dr Lewis Allan. Peter Thornton Memorial Lecture. Dinner at Vatutto Restaurant, Ivanhoe. RSVP: April 14.
Saturday, April 24

• 3pm. Garibaldi Lodge. Installation by 2021 Lodge with Matt Donato. At Essendon Masonic Centre.
• 4pm. Prince of Wales Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team. At Smythesdale Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Maritime Lodge. Double Second Degree. At Williamstown Masonic Centre.

Sunday, April 25 – ANZAC Day

• Throughout Day. Dawn Service, Marches across Victoria.

Monday, April 26

• TBA. Metropolis Lodge. Vacant Chair. First Degree Tracing Board. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.

• 9.30am for 10am. Derrimut Daylight Lodge. Installation by 2021 Team with Richard Elkington. At Freemasons Sunshine. Bookings essential: Bill Schrank, 0400 867 123.

• 6.30pm. Baxter Lodge. 2021 Team with Tony Bucca. At Frankston and District Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Lodge of Quest. Regular Meeting. At Ringwood Masonic Centre.

• 7.30pm. Yarraville Lodge. Talk: ‘Nurses In The Theatre of War’. Vacant Chair Ceremony. At Yarraville Masonic Centre.

Tuesday, April 27

• TBA. Admiral Collingwood Lodge. Vacant Chair. 25-Year and 40-Year Badges. At Ivalda Masonic Centre.
• 6pm. Epicurean Lodge. Vacant Chair Remembrance: David Thompson. 50-Year Jewel: Jim Long. At Geelong Masonic Centre. Dinner at Mambo Towers.

• 6.30pm. Mt Franklin St George Lodge. Installation by 2021 Country Team with John McTaggart. At Freemasons Daylesford.

• 6.30pm. Warragul Lodge. Installation by Gippsland team with Chris Scott. At West Gippsland Masonic Centre, Warragul 
• 7pm. Middle Park Lodge. First Degree. 60-year jewel to Chester Toogood. At Freemasons Melbourne. BOOKING ESSENTIAL

• 7pm. Mount Scopus and Collegians Lodge. 400th meeting. Talk: History of the Lodge, by Harry Adlerstein. Double Second Degree. TryBooking link to come.

• 7.30pm. Djerriwarrh Lodge. Obligation. Double First Degree. At Melton Masonic Centre.

Wednesday, April 28

• TBA. Werribee Mark Lodge. Double Advancement Ceremony. At Werribee Masonic Centre.

• TBA. Weston Street United Lodge. Master’s Last Night. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.
• 7pm. Lodge Fraternal. Double First Degree. 50-Year Jewel for David Kweitel. At Freemasons Bayside.
• 7.30pm. King David Lodge. Double Second Degree. At Freemasons Bayside.
• 7.30pm. Yarra Glen Lodge. Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. At Lilydale Masonic Centre.

Thursday, April 29

• NIL. Endeavour Virtual Lodge (Online). No meeting this month.

Tuesday, May 4

• 7.30pm. Masonic Advancement Program MAP3. At Brunswick Masonic Centre.

Saturday, May 8

• 3.30pm. Old Melburnians Lodge. Installation of Will Billings. At Freemasons Bayside. 6.30pm. Festive Board. Partners and guests. At a private club, 22 Park St, Brighton. 

Friday, May 14

• 7pm. Rutherglen Lodge. Installation: John Lloyd. District Team led by Bill Schultz. EMAIL

Sunday, May 16

• 10am. Masonic Advancement Program MAP1. At Greensborough Masonic Centre.

Friday, May 21

• 7pm. Bayside District Lodges. 160th Anniversary Ball. Entertainment: Wilbur Wilde and the Troubleshooters, Kingsfords. Talk: Richard Elkington. In aid of Les Twentyman Foundation. BOOK
• 7pm. Western District Lodges. MAP1 and MAP2 Presentations. Phone: 0418 175 282. At Western Masonic Centre. 8pm. MAP3 Presentation.

Sunday, May 30

• 10am. Masonic Church Service. Skipton St Uniting Church, Ballarat.

Saturday, June 19

• 9am-3pm. Lodge Secretary’s Course. By Eric Williams and Barry Reaper. Cost: $20. Lunch and refreshments provided. At Greensborough Masonic Centre. BOOK


• Grand Master’s Announcement re HRH Prince Philip. (01:54) WATCH
Prince Philip’s Masonic Pedigree. (03:12) WATCH
Inside the Secret World of the Masons (Wales). (02:35) WATCH

Essential Information

• Freemasons Victoria. Re-Opening Lodges: The Manual. Version 2. READ

• Freemasons Victoria. COVID-19 Modifications for Lodge Ceremonies. LOG INat Freemasons Victoria website

Freemasons Victoria News. Weekly newspaper page. April 14 edition. CLICK HERE and turn to Page 13.

Death of HRH Bro. Philip

• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of our Brother, His Royal Highness, The Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, at the age of 99. Richard Elkington, Grand Master,has sent a message of condolence to Buckingham Palace. Garry Runge, Grand Secretary, sent an email to Victorian members on Saturday morning (Apr.10). The email contained the content of the Grand Master’s letter. Richard Elkington also recorded this short VIDEO (01:54)
• The BBC recorded a short video (03:12) with United Grand Lodge of England Grand Secretary Bro. Dr David Staples about the Masonic life of the Duke of Edinburgh. WATCH
• See more in Famous Freemasons (below).

Vale Brian Kinross

• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above on Saturday (Apr. 10)of RWor. Bro Brian Leslie Kinross PSGW, aged 82. He was a member of Golden and Corinthian Lodge No. 7. He wasinitiated July 21, 1979 at Mount Alexander Lodge No. 8. He was Mason for 41 years. He was Junior Grand Deacon in 1990, and Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies in 1998. He was Sergeant 13568, formerly of Kangaroo Flat died on 10 April 2021 aged 82.
Murray Luxford advises: “Brian’s funeral will be at William Farmer Funerals, 12 Victoria St, Eaglehawk at 1.30pm on Friday (April 16).”
Vale John Whelan

• We regret to advise of the passing to the Grand Lodge Above of WBro. John Whelan (also known as ‘Da Judge’). Peter Harris of Melton Lodge says: “He was truly a dedicatedFreemason who’ll be sadly missed by all those who were privileged to be mentored by him and spent any time with him in Lodge during his 69 years as a Freemason.John was initiated into Freemasonry in 1952 in the Glen Ray Lodge, affiliated into The Lodge of Aviation No. 531 in 1979 where he served as WM in 1986-87, was a diligent Secretary for 10 years between 1988-99 and again in 2002-04, then Tyler in 2004-05. He also affiliated into the Lodge of St. Mark No. 591 and was a member for 13 years between 2005-18 .

• “He was instrumental in recording events in AV531 in a bi-monthly Newsletter that he originated in January 1991 which eventually became NOTAMS in 

Sepembert 1991 that continued until the Lodge returned its Warrant in November 2005 after 67 years. On the closure of AV531, John continued to work 

diligently as the last Tyler of the Lodge, in compiling and printing a historical record of events  between the years of 1989 to 2005, together with a complete alphabetical list of all the Brethren as well as a record of all its members and every team  in the history of AV531 from 1938 to 2005. RIP Wor. Bro. John and our warmest condolences to your dear wife Margot, your extended family and many friends.”
Happy 95th, Ern O’Rourke

RWor. Bro Ernie O’Rourke enjoyed his 95th birthday on the same day that Cohuna Lodge had its regular meeting on Thursday (Apr. 8). Ray Crellin says: “It was only fitting that we celebrated such in the South after our regular meeting which included the Ceremony of the Vacant Chair. For that age, two decorated cakes were made and placed in front for Ernie. Ernie supported the 2007, 2016 and 2019 Grand Teams. “He has been installed as Master at rehearsals more times than anybody else in Victoria and quite possibly Australia.”
•”As an example of how well he is thought of, on his most recent period of Worshipful Master, Garry Sebo and Hillel Benedykt, Past Grand Masters, attended the Lodge to lend support to him and to honour him.  Such an honor is not given lightly, and we know that they think very highly of him, and not just because he played football for Melbourne. Letters of congratulations were read to Ernie and members of the Cohuna Lodge, including those from David Ellwood, John McTaggart, Peter Woods and Garry Sebo. To finish, RWor Bro Alf Woods presented Ernie with a  Certificate of Meritorious Service signed by Richard Elkington, Grand Master, and Garry Runge, Grand Secretary.”

Community Outreach Campaign Begins

• News about Freemasons Victoria is featured in its own full-page in local newspapers across Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, and Geelong commencing this week. The full-page space in 35 editions is being provided without any charge to Freemasons Victoria. The Local Paper is published in hard copy format, as well as an exact replica digital edition online. Each week, the page has a membership enquiry ‘call to action’ by phone and online. You can see an example of the page at this LINK – turn to Page 13.
• The Freemasons Victoria News full-page will appear every week in the following local government areas: Banyule, Bayside, Boroondara (Northern), Boroondara (Southern), Brimbank, Casey-Cardinia, Darebin (Northcote Budget), Darebin (Preston Post/Reservoir Times), Frankston, Glen Eira, Greater Dandenong, Hobsons Bay, Hume, Kingston, Knox, Manningham, Mansfield, Maribyrnong, Maroondah, Melbourne, Mitchell, Monash, Moonee Valley, Moreland, Mornington Peninsula, Murrindindi, Nillumbik, Port Phillip, Stonnington, Strathbogie, Whitehorse, Whittlesea (Regional), Whittlesea (Urban), Yarra and Yarra Ranges. The Freemasons Victoria News page will be published, also at no charge, in the Melbourne Observer newspaperavailable in major country areas, by order. Lodges are encouraged to make copies of the pages and distribute to members who do not have access to hard copies of the newspapers, or online access.

Bound for South Australia

• A number of Grand Lodge representatives will be driving to Adelaide this week for the Grand Installation of the South Australian/Northern Territory. Richard Elkington, Victorian Grand Master, has sent a message of goodwill from our jurisdiction. He plans to report in by video for Victorian members later in the week. 

Pithy Paragraphs

• Ken Barnes reports: “Walhalla Lodge observed a minute’s silence in remembrance of our recently departed brother HRH Prince Phillip to the Grand Lodge Above.”
• Don Shearman recalls that Prince Philip was Colonel-in-Chief for the Australian Army Cadets.

Jim Jolly of Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge says members are brushing up their old regalia, including Grand Lodge aprons, jewels and gauntlets, for the ‘last meeting’ of Master (Phil King).
Tony Meechan was installed as Master of the Earl of Dunmore Lodge at Bayside Masonic Centre yesterday (Sun.). It was followed by an Installation Luncheon.
• A new Grand Secretary’s Bulletin (No. 164) was issued last Wednesday (April 7).

Comms Success Stories

• The Riverine Herald reports that theKyabram Masonic Lodge donated $3500 to Lockington Bush Nursing Centre. The funds were raised through barbecues, raffles and other events, and the remaining $2800 was given as part of a grant from the Freemasons Foundation.”

Masonic Mailbag

Andrew Morom writes: “Cruising through the ABC’s iView I found a program due to be removed that may interest the brethren, it is a Compass program on Freemasonry. It is two programs of half-hour each, It covers the start of Freemasonry in Scotland to present day and includes some lodge work including the installation of the GM. Filmed by the BBC, they do get kicked out of the lodge at one stage.” Editor replies: Secrets of The Masons (Part 2) is still available to view at the ABC iview website. It is available until 11am Saturday (Apr. 17).
Bob Pullin writes: “If any of your members own a Ford and would like to display it at the All Ford Day to be held in Eastern Park, Geelong, on Sunday April 18, they can obtain free entry, plus no charge for the car and earn a few dollars for their lodge’s charity, just be volunteering some of their time on the day. In addition Bellarine Otway District will have a marquee with information leaflets available telling the story of Freemasonry. This is the perfect way to promote freemasonry to the wider community, so the more helpers we can get, the better it will be. Wor. Bro. Rosse McConnell is the contact for this event, 0430 847 555.”

Website: change of address

• The Freemasons Victoria website is now at www.freemasonsvic.net.au
• Our org.au website is being made unavailable by domain administration authorities.World News

• Sussex Freemasons have been busy giving their time and money to a wide range of charities to help them continue their work during the pandemic, reports the Mid Sussex Times. READ MORE

New Subscribers

• We are building FVNews to be a vital guide to Masonry in Victoria. You can have your free copy emailed to your inbox. Use the ‘Subscribe’ option at www.FVNews.com.au We welcome Nathan Davidowicz, James Moore, Dominic La Rocca

Sincere Thanks

• Amongst those who assisted with contributions (and personal encouragement) have included: Richard Elkington, Garry Runge, Barry Minster, Murray Luxford, John Ives, Ken Barnes, James Jolly, Don Shearman, Peter Harris, David Webb, Ray Crellin, Richard Shelly, Andrew Morom, Bob Orr, Bob Pullin, Brendan Kyne, Sean Thomson, John Lloyd, Bill Schrank, Robert Boileau, Craig Spendlove

Please Send Your Summons
• Lodges can assist FVNews by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au – please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

Famous Freemasons
• Prince Philip was proposed into Freemasonry by Instructor Rear Admiral Sir Arthur Hall, KBE, ACB. PGD, a previous Worshipful Deputy Master of Navy Lodge, and Honorary member of United Service Lodge. His seconder was Admiral of the Fleet, Baron Fraser of North Cape. He was Initiated into Navy Lodge on December 5, 1952 at an Emergency Meeting held in Freemasons Hall, when no private guests were allowed. There were 52 Lodge members present and just 12 official guests, including the MW Grand Master. The Earl of Scarborough. Prince Philip was passed in March 1953, and raised on May 4, 1953 with the MW Grand Master  and MW Grand Master of Scotland in attendance. On this occasion 21 officers of Navy Lodge were joined by 69 members, 42 official guests and 85 other guests. Though he had not played an active role in the Lodge, he remained a member and was recognised in 2002 as a 50-year Mason.

Masonic Knowledge
• ‘Prince Philip’s Secret Life As A Freemason’, reports the Daily Express (UK). READ MORE

Masonic Wisdom
•  ““Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Bro. Sir Winston Churchill

The Last Word
•  “You have mosquitoes. I have the Press.” – Bro. Prince Philip, in a 1966 conversation with the matron of a hospital while on a tour of the Caribbean as quoted in The Reality of Monarchy (1970) by Andrew Duncan.

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