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Sunday, September 19, 2021

FVNews. Fri., Sep. 3, 2021

FV News

No. 194. Friday, September 3, 2021

• From the Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team, Freemasons Victoria

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In This Issue

1. VIDEO: Assistance to Brethren

2. VIDEO: Latest News from VAT Leaders

3. Pithy Paragraphs

4. Masonic Knowledge

5. New Subscribers

6. Sincere Thanks

7. Please Send Your Summons

8. Videos

9. What’s On (12 listings) – all listings subject to COVID rules

1. VIDEO: Assistance to Brethren• Grand Master Richard Elkington talks about ‘Assistance to Brethren’ with Rodney Lavin, Chair of Freemasons Foundation Victoria, and the Rev, David Thompson, Grand Almoner. WATCH

Neil Cripps advises: “Freemasons Foundation Victoria in its capacity as trustee of Freemasons Benevolent Fund is able to provide financial relief to current members of Freemasons Victoria who are unable to provide for their or their family’s needs. If you need support or know of a brother or his family in need of relief, especially during these difficult times of lockdown, please contact Freemasons Foundation Victoria’s Executive Officer, Neil Cripps on 0498 002 893 or email neil@freemasonsfoundation.org

2. VIDEO: Latest News from VAT Leaders
• Grand Master Richard Elkington speaks with some Volunteer Action Team leaders about some of the latest initiatives in Education, Property, Membership and Communications. WATCH

3. Pithy Paragraphs
• Lockdown Reading: Freemasons New Zealand magazine. READ
• Freemasons Foundation Victoria
has developed a 15 minute talk/presentation for Lodges that can be done via Zoom if they are looking for a guest speaker during lockdown.
• Digital tour of Freemasons Hall, London. READ MORE
• Police have arrested the man suspected of stealing more than $20,000 in rare musical instruments, firearms, ammunition and other items from the Grand Lodge of Tennessee Free and Accepted Masons in downtown Nashville. READ MORE
• Freemasons are donating over £550,000 to help more than 1.4 million citizens across the UK experiencing mental health issues. READ MORE
• Freemasons Foundation Victoria  has available $500,000 this year for Craft Lodges, Mark Lodges and Chapters to apply for to support local community projects. Further information is available at https://www.freemasonsfoundation.org/masonicgrantsandeducationgrants
• “Patience and Tranquillity of mind contribute more to cure our distempers than the whole art of medicine.” – Bro. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)

4. Masonic Knowledge

• The September 15 Quarterly Communication has been cancelled because of COVID restrictions. A Business Meeting will be held online at 5pm on Wednesday, September 15. The timing accommodates those members who observe Yom Kippur; candles are lit at 5.53pm.
• The next Quarterly Communication is likely to be scheduled for the third Thursday in December (Wed., Dec. 15).
• The agenda of every Quarterly Communication of Grand Lodge shall

be framed by the Agenda Committee. No motion or other matter shall be brought before Grand Lodge unless it has been placed before the Agenda Committee.
• Any member of Grand Lodge who desires to put a motion before Grand Lodge or put forward a matter for its consideration must submit full details, in writing, to the Grand Secretary at least twenty-one days before the Quarterly Communication so that the motion or matter may be examined by the Agenda Committee.
If the Agenda Committee considers any proposed motion to be scandalous, irregular, or otherwise improper, or if such motion is deemed to lie outside the province of Grand Lodge, it will be omitted from the agenda. 

5. New Subscribers

• We are building FVNews to be a vital guide to Masonry in Victoria. You can have your free copy emailed to your inbox. Use the ‘Subscribe’ option at www.FVNews.com.au We welcome Lindsay Riley, David Gale, 

6. Sincere Thanks

• Amongst those who assisted with contributions and encouragement have included: Max Paulet, Jim Jolly, James Linton, Graham Sloman, Peter Hamilton, Brendan Kyne, Robert Kerr, Harry Vagianos, Ross Broad, Arthur Tan, Bob Pullin, Gordon McKenzie, Felix Pintado, Richard Elkington, Paul Brennand, Ian Buckingham, Matteo Donato, Jeff Cripps, Ken Calder, John Zalewski, Ron Boulton, Dick Clark, David Draffin, Neil Cripps, Neil Thornton, David Webb, Ken Crouch, Len Baker, Richard Parkin, Ange Kenos, Stuart Chalmers, Peter Harris, Gary Edwards, Colin Randall, Eric Brown, Ronald Ferdinands, Steve Latimer, Dennis Middendorp, Stephen Carpenter, John MacDonald, Geoff Lambe, David Blake, James Thompson

7. Please Send Your Summons
• Lodges can assist FVNews by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au – please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

8. Videos

• Grand Secretary’s Video. (07:46) WATCH

Assistance to Brethren. (13:35) WATCH
• VAT Leaders Latest. (13:46) WATCH

9. What’s On (12 listings)

Please notify us about your event. 
Please include date, time, talk details, attire, and a link or location.
Email: editor@FVNews.com.au

Lodges are unable to meet in Victoria.
Details below are published in good faith, according to latest available information.
Because of COVID-19, arrangements are subject to change at short notice.
Please check with Lodge Secretaries.

Sunday, September 5

• 7.30pm. Sunday Night At The Movies. Lodge of Research. 60-Minute Movie, followed by panel discussion. ZOOM Meeting ID: 835 6881 7332. Passcode: 957189

Monday, September 6

• 7.30pm. Rosebank Lodge. Talk: Bob Jones, ‘Bob Jones,  ‘How I Came Last at Bathurst, Driving a Ford’. Zoom Meeting: 824 152 8207

Tuesday, September 7
• 7.30pm. Sunshine Wisdom Lodge. Education and Social Meeting. By Zoom. Link TBA.

Wednesday, September 8
• 7.30pm. Lodge of the Golden Rule. Talk: John Rebechi. ZOOM
• 7.30pm. Monash Lodge. Joint Meeting with Mordialloc Lodge of Charity. ZOOM
• 7.30pm. Traralgon Lodge. Business Meeting. Attire: Casual. By Zoom. Link TBA.

Thursday, September 9
• 7pm. Antient York Lodge. By Zoom, link TBA.

Friday, September 10
• 7.30pm. Brae Dale Lodge. Meeting. ZOOM

Wednesday, September 15

• 5pm. Business Meeting to replace cancelled Quarterly Communication. Vote regarding the Interim Governance Model. By Zoom, link to be advised.

Monday, September 20

• 7.30pm. Lodge of Good Companions. Admin Meeting. ZOOM

Saturday, September 26

• 6pm. Earl of Dunmore Lodge. Guest Speaker. By Zoom, link to be advised.

Friday, October 29

• 5.30pm. Maryborough Highland Society. Charity Night to support Freemasons scholarships for primary schools. Funds raised are doubled by Freemasons.

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