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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

FVNews. Mon., Oct. 4, 2021

FV News

No. 196. Monday, October 4, 2021

• From the Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team, Freemasons Victoria

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In This Issue

1. Zoom Explainer
2. Pithy Paragraphs

3. $5000 Fundraising Effort
4. Best 10 Masonic Videos

5. New Subscribers

6. Sincere Thanks

7. Please Send Your Summons

8. World News

9. Broken Column

10. What’s On (22 listings) – all listings subject to COVID rules

1. Zoom Explainer
• Monash Gully District is holding another onlinemeeting, this time for a ‘Where To From Here?’ explanation of Interim Governance ‘next steps’ by Robert Brennand, Chair of the Change Management Steering Committee. Extra Zoom capacity has been arranged so that larger numbers can attend. The meeting will be held from 7.30pm on Wednesday, October 13 by ZOOMMeeting ID: 821 4070 8049 Passcode: 354539

2. Pithy Paragraphs
• Grand Master Richard Elkington appeared last week (2am-3.30am, Sunday, Sept. 26) in the Conservation with a Mason meeting held by the Grand Lodge of Lebanon. 
• Past Grand Master Don Reynolds is Acting Grand Secretary. He issued a Grand Secretary’s Bulletin last Friday (Oct. 1).

• Len Jinnette, hospitalised at Heidelberg, has taken possession of his Grand Master’s Order of Service jewel. Because of COVID, the presentation was arranged by two of his children, with assistance of Rahim Samat, District Co-Ordinator.

• As well as the December Quarterly Communication, a November Quarterly Communication will be held when COVID-19 lockdown restrictions permit.
• Plans are already underway by the Northern District for the Ivalda Masonic Centre’s 100-year anniversary in 2023.
• Freemasons New Zealand has published its latest Fun Newsletter. READ And here’s another one: READ

3. $5000 fundraising effort

• Emmanuel Marabeliotakis, Western District Co-Ordinator, seeks to raise $5000 for children’s safety, health and wellbeing through Barnados Australia. Manny will cycle 200 kms. LINK

4. More ‘Best Masonic Videos’
The Lockdown has given us an opportunity to revisit some of the best videos in the Freemasons Victoria archives.
• An Interview with John Connell. (10:43)Peter Henshall interviewed an outstanding Past Grand Masterhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9krhBd5byQ&t=104s
• Famous Freemasons. Bro. Sir Edmund Barton. (00:45)We remember Australia’s first Prime Minister.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r73X_tHHeSQ
• Dr Valerie Asche and Austin Asche QC. (06:14)Peter Henshall spoke with a great Past Grand Master and his wife.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQENTrQbzCY
• From The Archives. (02:05)Jim Spreadborough reveals his favourite Masonic treasure.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2HojmMQ28Y
• Our Charity Work: Think Pink Foundation. (06:14)A cheque presentation to Irene Handel, interviewed by Donna De La Rue.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt9pgKQo3uA
• The Inside Story – our first episode. (24:04)Freemasons Victoria had its own TV program in 2013. Here’s our first episode.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urGbwdkRlno
• FV Charity Work. Black Saturday. (07:52)A look at our support to Middle Kinglake Primary School after the 2009 fires.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bar442PQnJk
• Marching on Australia Day. (06:19)Mark Vincent reports on Freemasons in full dress regalia.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc62mLbqU9I
• Inside The Lodge Room. (06:14)Peter Murdoch and three young Masons take us inside the Lodge.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKvNLg5022M
• What Are You Waiting For? (05:31)We can be proud of Freemasons Victoria.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FjGu9HX9cXQ

5. New Subscribers

• We are building FVNews to be a vital guide to Masonry in Victoria. You can have your free copy emailed to your inbox. Use the ‘Subscribe’ option at www.FVNews.com.au We welcome R

6. Sincere Thanks

• Amongst those who assisted with contributions and encouragement have included: John Liesegang, Max Paulet, Neil Addison, Rahim Samat, Richard Shelly, Ken Calder, Richard Parkin, Wayne Motton, Peter White, Ray Crellin, John Rosenberg, Max Paulet. Di Tyndall, Peter Crick, Emmanuel Marabeliotakis. Harry Vaginos, Peter Harris, Greg Crew, John MacDonald, Adam Woledge

7. Please Send Your Summons
• Lodges can assist FVNews by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au – please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

8. World News

• From a time of the Spanish Flu pandemic, a 100-year cornerstone has been re-dedicated. READ MORE

• An international mixed Masonic Grand Lodge, Libertas, has been formed. READ MORE
• New York Freemasons have shown appreciation for local police. READ MORE
• Warrensville Masonic Lodge 
has celebrated its bi-centennial. READ MORE
Kevin Law, Past Master of the Star of the East Lodge 116 isrequesting support i.e. donation  for the Shine Volunteer Group (hospital employees), in their support ofthe Omeo District Health Service. He plans to shave his beard this month. Contact: 0409 153 527.

9. Broken Column

• Peter Harris writes: “RWBro. Moss Daby was proposed by H. Fennell, seconded by A.B. Boniface, and initiated into Freemasonry in the Lodge of Aviation No. 531 on March 5, 1959. He was installed as the WM in 1971 and also served as the Lodge Secretary for four years between 1981 through to 1985. He also actively served as a Grand Lodge Officer as an Assistant Grand Pursuivant and resigned from AV531 in July 2001. He later became a member of Lodge of the Great Ocean Road No. 886 and will be respectfully remembered by all those who were fortunate enough to experience his friendship throughout his very active years as a member of Freemasonry. He passed to the GL Above, aged 98 years.

• Allara Lodge published a press tribute to Robert Leslie ‘Bob’ Cadman who passed to the Grand Lodge Above on September 27.

10. What’s On (22 listings)

Please notify us about your event. 
Please include date, time, talk details, attire, and a link or location.
Email: editor@FVNews.com.au

Lodges are unable to meet in Victoria.
Details below are published in good faith, according to latest available information.
Because of COVID-19, arrangements are subject to change at short notice.
Please check with Lodge Secretaries.

Monday, October 4 
• 7.30pm. Canterbury Lodge. Member Catch-Up. By Zoom. Contact: Ian McCormick, 9801 6730.
• 7.45pm. 2021 Grand Team Ladies. Zoom Meeting.

Tuesday, October 5 
• 6pm-8pm. Senior Grand Officers’ Meeting. By Zoom

Wednesday, October 6 
• 7.30pm. Lodge of the Golden Rule. Talk: Growth of the Friendly Societies. By Zoom. Contact: Ron Boulton, 0418 320 761

Thursday, October 7 
• 7.30pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. Social Meeting, all welcome. ZOOM

Friday, October 8 
• 7.30pm. Brae Dale Lodge. Zoom Meeting. Contact: Alan Jenkins, 0419 573 217
• 7.30pm. Sunbury Lodge. Talk: Mark Masonry. ZOOM  Meeting ID: 845 7488 9676. Passcode: 962582

Monday, October 11
• 7pm. 7.30pm: Visitors. United Ararat Lodge. General Discussion. ZOOM Meeting ID: 853 3388 5016. Passcode: 474196

Tuesday, October 12
• 7.30pm. Brighton District Lodge. Zoom Meeting. Talks: Classical Greek Architecture, The Moderns and the Ancients. Discussion: Masonic Behaviour. Contact: Greg Crew, 0413 711 799

Wednesday, October 13
• 7.30pm. Monash Gully District. Talk: ‘Where To From Here?’, Robert Brennand. ZOOM
• 7.30pm. Monash Lodge. Admin Meeting by Zoom. Contact: Joe Liebowitz, 0422 114 663.
• 7.30pm. Traralgon Lodge. Talk: Colin McCowan. ZOOM Meeting ID: 815 9015 7173
• 7.30pm. Williamstown Lodge. Talk: Bill Jones, Mark Masonry. ZOOM Meeting ID:  612 821 4334. Password 105105

Thursday, October 14
• 7.15pm. Cohuna Lodge. Talk: Neil Cripps, Freemasons Foundation Victoria. ZOOM Meeting ID: 815 9230 4177 Passcode: 003717

Monday, October 18
• 7.30pm. Lodge of Good Companions. Talk by Peter White. By Zoom. Contact: Ross Broad, 0418 342 840.

Tuesday, October 19
• 7.30pm. Henty Lodge. Educational Lodge. By Zoom. Contact: Geoffrey Potts, 0419 337 370.
• 7.30pm. 7.50pm: Visitors. Elrona Lodge. ZOOM

Friday, October 22
• 7.30pm. Malvern Waverley Mark. Talk: Gary Bevan, ‘Amazing Grace’. By Zoom. Contact: Stuart Chalmers, 0409 168 819.Monday, October 25
• 7.30pm. B  aden Powell Lodge. Zoom Meeting, Link TBA. Contact: John Franklin, 0400 370 034.
Tuesday, October 26
• 7.15pm. Middle Park Lodge. Documentary: The Spanish Key. Attire: Casual. ZOOM Meeting ID: 893 9387 7706, Password: 766917

Thursday, October 28
• 7.30pm. Lodge Observance. Talk: Myles King, ‘Interim Dtructure’. By Zoom. Contact: Robert Dwight, 9544 4985.

Friday, October 29
• 5.30pm. Maryborough Highland Society. Charity Night to support Freemasons scholarships for primary schools. Funds raised are doubled by Freemasons.

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