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Sunday, May 15, 2022

FVNews. Mon., Oct. 25, 2021

FV News

No. 199. Monday, October 25, 2021

• From the Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team, Freemasons Victoria

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In This Issue

1. Grand Master’s Doings
2. Pithy Paragraphs

3. Fun Newsletter
4. Open for commercial tenants

5. New Subscribers

6. Sincere Thanks

7. Please Send Your Summons

8. World News

9. Things To Do

10. What’s On (23 listings) – all listings subject to COVID rules

1. Grand Master’s Doings
• Grand Master Richard Elkington attended a whip-cracking presentation about The Arch of the Covenant by the Victorian Lodge of Research last Friday (Oct. 22).
• The Grand Master has released a new VIDEO.
Richard Elkington has published a Change Review overview. READ MORE
• The Grand Master last week attended the SGCV Inaugural October Zoom Grand Convocation.

2. Pithy Paragraphs
• The three millionth teddy to be given to poorly children across England and Wales has been presented, with Cornwall Freemasons playing a big part. READ MORE
• Epworth Freemasons Executive General Manager, Simon Benedict, said that a $2.6 million upgrade, funded entirely by philanthropy, is being rolled out in two stages, the first of which is now open. ‘It’s wonderful to see our facilities and equipment upgraded during such a critical time in Victoria’s healthcare history.” READ MORE
Most Masonic Lodges and Chapters are slowly getting back to normal following a prolonged period of inactivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Granville Chapter No.3405 which is attached to Granville Lodge and meets in Bude, says the Cornish and Devon Post. READ MORE

Applications have been called for the positions of Grand Secretary and Grand Treasurer.
Expressions of Interest for positions on the Masonic Council and Commercial Council should be sent by November 5.
The funeral service for the late WBro. Arthur Davie of Old Melburnians Lodge was streamed last Wednesday (Oct. 20).
•  Neville Wiggins advises that he is now leading the Membership VAT.

3. Fun Newsletter

• Freemasons New Zealand have published another Fun Newsletter. READ HERE

4. Open for commercial tenants
• The Masonic Governing Council has verified that, Masonic Centres in Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria may re-open immediately fortenants/hirers (news about Lodge re-openings will be released later this week). Managers of Masonic Centres should ensure they open in accordance with all government restrictions being adhered to. These include but are not limited to;
• Covid Safe plans
• Property sanitising
• Density rules
• QR coding
•  Adhering to vaccination requirements

5. New Subscribers

• We are building FVNews to be a vital guide to Masonry in Victoria. You can have your free copy emailed to your inbox. Use the ‘Subscribe’ option at www.FVNews.com.au We welcome Daimon Whitmore, Jose Heredia, Louis Ocean Pacifique

6. Sincere Thanks

• Amongst those who assisted with contributions and encouragement have included: Peter White, Neil Cripps, Richard Elkington, Craig Spendlove, Wayne Smith, John Rosenberg, John Zalewski, Andrew Karaconstantis, John McDonald, Jon Franklin, Richard Shelly, Tony McDonall, Ken Crouch, Jim Thompson, Len Baker, Rob Layton, Stuart Chalmers

7. Please Send Your Summons
• Lodges can assist FVNews by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au – please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

8. World News

• Freemasons (UGLE) have signed the Armed Forces Covenant during a ceremony at Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden on October 20 led by the Duke of Kent. The partnership aims to support members of the Armed Forces community and ensure they have the same access to government as well as commercial services and products as any other citizen, reports the London Post. READ MORE
• The Masonic Lodge in Normal, one of the oldest continuously operating organizations in Bloomington-Normal, is celebrating its sesquicentennial. READ MORE

9. Things To Do

READ about a historic gem in East Wheeling (USA) which has operated outside of the public eye for more than a century, but under its new ownership, the Scottish Rite Cathedral is opening a new chapter in its rich history — and is opening its hallowed halls to the public.
READ the Dallas Voice report about the Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, celebrating its 100th anniversary earlier this month.
DISCOVER more about Freemasons graves in Japan. 
WATCH a Seven News report about the Monash Hospital COVID Ward. Neil Cripps advises that the ward has been set-up in the Forest Ward in the Children’s Hospital. This ward has signage recognising the Freemasons Foundation donation to the hospital, in several scenes you can see the square and compasses.

10. What’s On (23 listings)

Please notify us about your event. 
Please include date, time, talk details, attire, and a link or location.
Email: editor@FVNews.com.au

Lodges are unable to meet in Victoria.
Details below are published in good faith, according to latest available information.
Because of COVID-19, arrangements are subject to change at short notice.
Please check with Lodge Secretaries.

Monday, October 25
• 2pm. Freemasons Future Recovery Team. Meeting by Zoom.
• 5pm. Strategic Planning Meeting. By Zoom.
• 7pm. Murray Chapter. ZOOM Meeting ID: 830 3532 0376. Passcode: 059655
• 7.30pm. Baden Powell Lodge. ZOOM. Meeting ID: 959 8790 8272. Passcode: 024150Contact: Jon Franklin, 0400 370 034.
• 7.30pm. St Andrews In The South. Presentation of Early Chapter Jewels and Regalia by guest speaker Glenn Hollibone. ZOOM

Tuesday, October 26
• 7.15pm. Middle Park Lodge. Documentary: The Scottish Key. Attire: Casual. ZOOM Meeting ID: 893 9387 7706, Password: 766917
• 7.30pm 7.45pm: Visitors. Admiral Collingwood Lodge. ZOOMMeeting ID: 884 1767 9317. Passcode: Lodge13
• 7.30pm. Mount Scopus and Collegians Lodge. Talk: Harry Adlerstein, ‘History of the Masonic Apron’. ZOOM Meeting ID: 814 6040 5336. Passcode: 984336

Thursday, October 28
• 7pm. Gergorios Lodge. OXI (Ochi) Day. ZOOM Meeting ID: 861 8885 7966. Passcode: gregorios
• 7.30pm. Creswick Havallah Lodge. Talk: Rabbi Richard Wainstein, ‘King Solomon and the Freemasons’. By Zoom. Meeting ID: 895 3844 2121. Passcode: 526571
• 7.30pm. Lodge Observance. Talk: Myles King, ‘Interim Dtructure’. By Zoom. Contact: Robert Dwight, 9544 4985.

Friday, October 29
• 5.30pm. Maryborough Highland Society. Charity Night to support Freemasons scholarships for primary schools. Funds raised are doubled by Freemasons.

Saturday, October 30
• 5pm. Concord Mark Lodge. Business Meeting. Talk: Gary Bevern, Melbourne Shrine of Remembrance. ZOOM Meeting ID: 896 5798 5044. Passcode: 230765

Monday, November 8
• TBA. Lodge of Commerce. Vacant Chair Ceremony. Details to come.

Tuesday, November 9
• TBA. Golden and Corinthian Lodge. Second Degree.

Wednesday, November 10
• 7.30pm. Quarterly Communication (in addition to the December QC). Live streamed.

Friday, November 12
• 7.30pm. Altona Lodge. Second Degree. At Freemasons Williamstown.

Monday, November 15
• 7pm. Untied Wimmera Royal Ark Mariner Lodge. Talk: Glenn Holibone, ‘Explanation of the Triangles on the Pavement’. By Zoom.
• 7.45pm. Wimmera Mark Lodge. By Zoom

Tuesday, November 16
• 7pm. Monash Gully District. Change Management Update by Robert Brennand. ZOOM Meeting ID: 853 7682 3484. Passcode: 902659.

Wednesday, November 17
• 7pm.United Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masters of Victoria. Grand Communication. REGISTER for Zoom meeting.

Friday, November 19
• 7.30pm. Monash Gully District. MAP1 Session. At Freemasons Oakleigh. Contact: Alan Ambrose, 0407 711 030.

Saturday, December 4 – ‘Super Saturday’
• 10am. Golden and Corinthian Lodge. First Degree.

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