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Monday, May 16, 2022

FVNews. Wed., Dec. 1, 2021

FV News

No. 203. Wednesday, December 1, 2021

• From the Communications and Marketing Volunteer Action Team, Freemasons Victoria

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In This Issue

1. Grand Master’s Doings
2. Pithy Paragraphs

3. Fun Newsletter
4. More News

5. New Subscribers

6. Sincere Thanks

7. Please Send Your Summons

8. World News

9. Things To Do

10. What’s On (94 listings) – all listings subject to COVID rules

1. Grand Master’s Doings
• Grand Master Richard Elkington is looking forward to the Super Weekend, part of the drive to introduce some 350 candidates.
Richard was at the Grand Team auditions at Freemasons Ballarat last weekend.
• The Grand Master attended Lodge Cornucopia last weekend.
Richard has praise for the Lodge of Research’s Sunday Night At The Pictures.

• The Grand Master has released a new VIDEO.

2. Pithy Paragraphs
Freemasons Victoria Western District is organising a collection on non-perishable food items as a Christmas gift to less privileged. Contact: Emmanuel Marabeliotakis, 0450 876 112.
• The Wakanyanas event is on again at Freemasons Bellarine (Queenscliff) from 12 Noon at Tuesday, December 28.

• A total of $1054 was raised for Barnado’s Children Home and for Prostrate Cancer at Freemasons Western (West Sunshine).
•  Union Lodge of North Gippsland has been involved n a fundraiser to enable the Bairnsdale Hospital to purchase a much-needed Bladder Scanner. Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge, Union Lodge of North Gippsland and Gippsland Lakes Lodge are in the process of handing out $14,000 of School Bursaries, thanks to a donation of $11,000 from the Freemasons Foundation.

3. Fun Newsletter

• Freemasons New Zealand have published another Fun Newsletter. our thanks to John MacDonald. READ HERE

4. More News

• Members of the Jacques Demolay Chapter were invited to an installation of the Order of the Eastern Star last Saturday.
• Graeme Martin and Jim Jolly (Gippsland) have started their round of attending primary school assemblies to present encouragement and achievement awards, supplemented by the Freemasons Foundation.

• The Editor apologises for What’s On listings errors in the previous issue of FVNews. Disciplinary action has been taken, and the Editor’s wages have been halved. 🤔

5. New Subscribers

• We are building FVNews to be a vital guide to Masonry in Victoria. You can have your free copy emailed to your inbox. Use the ‘Subscribe’ option at www.FVNews.com.au We welcome Simon Stupel, Danny Ng, Frank Griffin

6. Sincere Thanks

• Amongst those who assisted with contributions and encouragement have included: Graham Berry, Richard Elkington, Don Reynolds, Ange Kenos, Peter Harris, Emmanuel Marabeliotakis, Peter Crick, Steve Austin, Tony McDonall, John McTaggart, Jim Jolly, Ken Barnes, Peter Hamilton, Brian Bennett, Keith Klooger, Bob Orr, Peter Godson

7. Please send your Summons
• Lodges can assist FVNews by sending emails about every lodge meeting and event to editor@FVNews.com.au – please include us on your Lodge Summons mailing list.

8. World News

• Country singer Reba McEntire plans to convert an old Masonic Temple in downtown Atoka into her restaurant. READ MORE
• Anish Kumar Sharma has taken charge as new Grand Master of Grand Lodge of India. READ MORE
• A Royal British Legion Branch president was left pleasantly surprised, thanks to Freemasons. READ MORE
Sussex children’s mental health charity received a Freemasons grant to maintain support programs. READ MORE

9. Things To Do

DISCOVER how the Freemasons Lodge Heather has handed over $15,000 to help Cancer Council Tasmania.
READ the Freemasons Foundation Victoria Annual Report.
WATCH the Grand Master’s latest video.

10. What’s On (94 listings)

Please notify us about your event. 
Please include date, time, talk details, attire, and a link or location.
Email: editor@FVNews.com.au

Lodges are unable to meet in Victoria.
Details below are published in good faith, according to latest available information.
Because of COVID-19, arrangements are subject to change at short notice.
Please check with Lodge Secretaries.

Wednesday, December 1

• TBA. Lord Northcote Lodge. Christmas Function with partners. At Mita Mita Restaurant, Rosanna.

• 11am. Funeral Service for VWBro. Keith Stewart. At Freemasons Greensborough.

• 6pm. Old Scotch Collegians Lodge. Installation by James Stewart by Anthony Bucca with 2021 team. At Freemasons Melbourne.

• 6.15pm. Lodge of the Golden Rule. Installation of Ben Whitnall by John Rodrigo with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Oakleigh.

• 7pm. Melton Lodge of Instruction. Christmas (Instructional Meeting) In The South. At Freemasons Melton.

Thursday, December 2
• 6.30pm. Ivanhoe Grammarians Lodge. Installation of Milton Tsaksiras by Richard Elkington and 2021-22 Grand Team. At Freemasons Ivalda.
• 7.30pm. Creswick Haviliah Lodge. Emergency Meeting. First Degree.
• 7.30pm. Kyabram Lodge. Double Second Degree. At Freemasons Kyabram.
• TBA. Clifton Hill Lodge. 50-year jewel at Peter Cohen. At Freemasons Box Hill.

Friday, December 3

• 10am. Funeral Service for VWor. Bro. Eddie Woods PGIW. Le Pine, Greensborough.
• 5.30pm. The Bank Place Lodge. At The Savage Club.

Saturday, December 4 – ‘Super Saturday’

• 9am. Werribee Enterprise Lodge. Initiation of 6 gentlemen into Freemasonry. At Freemasons Werribee.

• 9.30am-12.30pm. Mental Health First Aid Course for Rotarians and Freemasons. Online. Contact: Richard Skinner, 0417 320 376.
• 10am. Golden and Corinthian Lodge. First Degree.

• 10am. Williamstown Lodge. First Degree. At Freemasons Williamstown. 
• 11.30am. Doutta Galla Lodge. Initiation of 4 gentlemen into Freemasonry. At Freemasons Essendon.
• 12 Noon. Robinvale Lodge. Installation of Jack Forbes by John McTaggart with 2021 Country Team. At Freemasons Robinvale.

• 2pm. Plaridel Lodge. First Degree. At Freemasons Wester.

• 2pm. Victoria Mark Lodge. Installation of Ian Corless. At the Kelvin Club.

• 3.30pm. Moorabbin Lodge. Double First Degree. At Freemasons Bayside.
• 4pm. Victoria Royal Ark Mariners Lodge. Installation of Ian Corless. At the Kelvin Club.
• 4pm. Beechworth Lodge of St John. Installation of Adrian Osborne by Bill Scultz with 108 Team. At Freemasons Beechworth.
• 4pm. Powlett Lodge. Installation of Ken Barnes by South Gippsland Past Masters. At Freemasons Wonthaggi.

Sunday, December 5
• 10am. Sunraysia Daylight Lodge. Installation of Ray Gibson by John McTaggart with 2021 Country Team. Ar Freemasons Irymple.

• 2pm. King David Lodge. First Degree. At Freemasons Bayside.

Monday, December 6

• TBA. North Melbourne Lodge. At Freemasons Essendon. Phone: 0409 104 863.
• 10am. Essendon Daylight Lodge. General Business Meeting. At Freemasons Essendon.

• 6.30pm. St George Chapter. At Freemasons Ballarat.
• 7.30pm. Berwick Balcara Lodge. Visit by Grand Master Richard Elkington: 50-year jewel to Ted Stephens. At Freemasons Berwick.

• 7.30pm. City of Footscray Wyndham Lodge. Double First Degree. At Freemasons Western.

Tuesday, December 7
• 6.30pm. Wimmera Lodge. Double Second Degree. 65-Year Jewel to Max Tippett. 60-Year Jewels to Ian Ballinger and Bob Jackman. At Freemasons Horsham.

• 7.30pm. Djerriwarrh Lodge. First Degree. At Freemasons Melton.

• 7.30pm. Old Melburnians Lodge. Second Degree. At Freemasons Prahran.

• 7.30pm. Sunshine Wisdom Lodge. Business Meeting, Social Get-Together. At Freemasons Williamstown (Please Note Venue).

Wednesday, December 8
• TBA. Lodge of Welcome. Installation of Andrew Nichols by Rick Durra with Unanimity Team. At Freemasons Bayside.

• 6.30pm. United Schools Lodge. Installation of Rolan Kaldor by John Rodrigo with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Bayside.

• 7.30pm. Traralgon Lodge. Christmas meeting. Presentation of 70-year jewel to Walter Pilmore by Richard Elkington. Ladies welcome. At Freemasons Latrobe Valley.

• 7.30pm. Williamstown Lodge. Ballot. At Freemasons Williamstown.

Thursday, December 9

• 6.30pm. Seaford Lodge. Installation of Clinton Hodgart by John Rodrigo with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Baxter.

Friday, December 10

• 7pm. Altona Lodge. Double Third Degree. At Freemasons Williamstown.

Saturday, December 11

• 9.30am-12.30pm. Mental Health First Aid Course for Rotarians and Freemasons. Online. Contact: Richard Skinner, 0417 320 376.

• 12 Noon. Melton Lodge. Barbecue and Social Get-Together. Members, Families and Friends. At Freemasons Melton.
• 12 Noon. Samaritan Lodge. Ladies Christmas Barbecue, Carols. $10 per person. At Freemasons Ivalda.

• 3pm. Tresco and Chisel United Lodge. Installation by John McTggart with 2021 Country Team. At Freemasons Swan Hill.

• 6.30pm. Learmonth Lodge. Installation by John Patterson with Bellarine Otway Team. At Freemasons Learmonth.

• 6.30pm. Swan Hill Lodge. Installation of Gary Salter by John McTaggart with 2021 Country Team. At Freemasons Swan Hill.

Sunday, December 12

• TBA. Lodge of Commerce. Christmas Barbecue. At Anglesea.

• 12 Noon. Central District. Social Christmas Barbecue by the Yarra. BYO food and soft drinks.

• 12 Noon. Cohuna Lodge. Installation by John McTaggart with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Cohuna.

• 4pm. Lowan Lodge. Christmas Party with Kris Kringle. At 12 King St, Nhill.

• 4pm. Mount Scopus and Collegians Lodge. Installation of Marc Class by Hillel Benedykt with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Bayside.

Monday, December 13

• 6pm. Wimmera Lodge. Annual Christmas Party with Ladies. At Horsham Sports and Community Club, Baillie St, Horsham.
• 6.30pm. Lodge of Commerce. Double Third Degree. At Freemasons Melbourne. BOOK
• 6.30pm. Southern Cross Chapter Installation. At Freemasons Baxter.

• 6.30pm. United Service Lodge. Installation of Geoff Lowe by Richard Elkington with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Keysborough.

• 7.30pm. City of Abbotsford Chapter. By Zoom.
• 7.30pm. United Ararat Lodge. Walk through rehearsal of Second Degree. At Freemasons Ararat.

Tuesday, December 14
• TBA. Brunswick United Lodge. Christmas Meeting. At Freemasons Brunswick.

• TBA. Robbie Burns Phoenix Lodge. At Freemasons Western.

• 6.30pm. Golden and Corinthian Lodge. Installation of Jeremy Davey by Richard Elkington, supported by John Rodrigo, with 2021 Country Team. At Freemasons Bendigo.

• 6.30pm. Richmond Lodge. Installation of Steve Austin by Northern District Team, Wes Turnbull to support. At Freemasons Box Hill.
• 7.30pm. Brighton District Lodge. Double First Degree. At Freemasons Bayside.

• 7.30pm. Marnoo Lodge. Christmas Social in the South. At Freemasons Stawell.
• 7.30pm. Prospect Hill Chapter. At Freemasons Box Hill.
• 7.30pm. West Wimmera Chapter. At Freemasons Dimboola.

Wednesday, December 15

• 9am. Keysborough St Andrews Daylight Lodge. Installation of Mike Jenner by John Rosrigo with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Keysborough.

• 7.30pm (Be seated by 7.15pm). Quarterly Communication. Book through Try Booking ($10 per person). At Freemasons Bayside.

Thursday, December 16

• 9.45am for 10am. Sale Daylight Lodge. First Degree. At Freemasons Sale.

• 7pm. Central District. MAP 1. At Freemasons Melbourne.

• 7.30pm. Naval and Military Chapter. At Freemasons Melbourne.

Friday, December 17

• 10am. Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge. At Freemasons Bairnsdale.

Saturday, December 18

• 4pm. Portland Lodge. Installation of Gary Miles by John Patterson with Bellarine-Otway Team. At Freemasons Portland.

Sunday, December 19

• 8am-4pm. Wimmera Lodge. Bunnings Sausage Sizzle at Bunnings Horsham.

• 4pm. Melbourne High School Lodge. At Freemasons Bayside.

Monday, December 20

• TBA. Yarraville Lodge. At Freemasons Yarraville.

• 6.30pm. The Spring Vale Lodge. Installation of Jason Trias by Anthony Bucca with 2021 Team. At Freemasons Keysborough.
• 7.30pm. Williamstown Royal Arch Chapter. At Freemasons Williamstown.

Tuesday, December 21

• 7.30pm. Djerriwarrh Lodge. Second Degree. At Freemasons Melton.

• 7.30pm. Lowan Lodge. Special Meeting. Presentation of 50-year jewel to Colin Merrett by WBro. Carland.

Thursday, December 23

• TBA. Glenroy Lodge. At Freemasons Essendon.

Tuesday, December 28

• 12 Noon-4pm. Wakanyanas. At Bellarine Masonic Centre, Queenscliff. 

Saturday, January 1

• 8am-4pm. Wimmera Lodge. Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. At Bunnings Horsham.

Saturday, January 8
• 4pm. Bairnsdale Chapter HRAC. At Freemasons Bairnsdale.

Thursday, January 13
• 6.30pm. Dandenong Apex Chapter. At Freemasons Keysborough. 

Tuesday, January 11
• TBA. Lodge Amalthea.

Wednesday, January 19
• TBA. SGCV Grand Convocation. At Freemasons Bayside.

• 6.30pm. Horsham Masonic Centre General Meeting. At Freemasons Horsham.

Monday, January 24
• 12 Noon. Wimmera Lodge. Master’s Luncheon. At White Hart Hotel, Firebrace St, Horsham.

Tuesday, January 25
• 6pm. Wimmera Lodge4. Installation of Ian Brilliant. Ar Freemasons Horsham.

Wednesday, January 26 – Australia Day
• TBA. Freemasons Victoria Statewide ‘Australia Day’ Celebration. By Zoom.

• 11.30am. Combined Grand Teams Australia Day Barbecue. At Freemasons Baxter.

Sunday, January 30
• 6pm. Wimmera Lodge. Family Barbecue Social Event. At Horsham Botanical Gardens.

Friday, February 4
• 6.30pm for 7pm. Freemasons Victoria and Australian Rotary Health. Gala Charity Event. ‘Hand In Hand We Will Lift The Lid On Mental Health’. Four-course sit-down dinner. Attire: business suit, ladies After 5. At L’Unica Receptions and Convention Centre, Parkville. skinner.rd@gmail.com

Saturday, February 19
• 4pm. Lodge Bharat. Consecration by Richard Elkington and 2021-22 team. Cost: $75 per person. Freemasons Bayside.

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