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Thursday, July 7, 2022

Masonic Knowledge

The Mission of Masonry in a Changing World

THE MISSION OF MASONRY IN ACHANGING WORLDA STUDY FOR THE ENQUIRING FREEMASON “THE MISSION OF MASONRY IN A CHANGING WORLD”by M.W.Bro. Francis J. Scurry, M.D. The need for a sustaining force in a changing world has become evident to every thinking man, and particularly to us as Masons. Masonry offers a philosophy of life that

What is a Masonic apprenticeship?

Tom Stirling and Richard Elkington have passed on this document – What Is A Masonic Apprenticeship – from Harwick Lodge in Scotland: If we want our newly Raised candidates to take an active part in Lodge life, we need at least to give them an introduction to Masonry. Ritual alone, no matter how well done,