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Thursday, December 2, 2021

DAILY. Thu., Oct. 8, 2020


FVNews Daily.  No. 119. Thursday, October 8, 2020
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What’s On (56 listings)
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Thursday, October 8
10am. Freemasons Future Recovery Team. Committee members. LINK
7pm. Masons Connect. ‘Sharing Freemasonry’. RSVP
• 7pm. St Christopher College (Societas Rosicruciana In Angia. Talk: Travis Trinca, ‘Emanation and Return’. LINK
• 7pm. Victorian Naval and Military Mark. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Thoughts on the historical origins of the Mark Degree.’ LINK
• 7pm for 7.30pm. Union Lodge of North Gippsland. Talk: John Parkinson, ‘Let’s Talk’. LINK
• 7.30pm. Antient York Lodge. Talk: Ange Kenos, Grand Library. LINK
• 7.30pm. Lodge of Australia Felix. Talk: Terry Webster, ‘The Shriners’. Plus Masonic Quiz by James Boyce. Attire: Dinner Suit. LINK
• 7.30pm. Cohuna lodge. Talk: Brendan Kyne, Guided Tour of the Victorian Lodge of Research portal. LINK
7.30pm. Hearts Of Oak. Talk: Paul Brennand, Chair, Membership Volunteer Action Team. LINK to come.  
• 7.30pm. Central Highlands District. Talk: Brian McDowell, ‘The Masonic Martyr – The Fate of Bro. Tommaso Crudeli. LINK
• 8pm.  Geelong Lodge of Unity & Prudence. Talk: Peter White, ‘Lodge Mentor Program’. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK

Friday, October 9
• 2pm.Funeral Service for Wor. Bro. John Baldwin. Nelson Brothers. LINK to come.
• 7pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Victorian, Kerang, Oakleigh, Ballarat, McMillan, South Gippsland
• 7pm. EDL. Talk: Michael Maher, ‘The French Foreign Legion’. All welcome, partners too. LINK
• 7:30pmAltona Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, ‘Masonic Time Machine – Post COVID Freemasonry’. LINK
• 7.30pm. Sunbury Lodge. Public Speaking Workshop: Heather and Neil Addison. All, partners welcome. LINK

Sunday, October 11
• 2pm. Walhalla Lodge. Talk: David Howell, military historian, veteran and owner of Kokoda Track Tours. LINK
• 5.30pm AEDT. New Zealand Masonic Forum Session. Lecture: Dr Paul Calderwood, ‘As We Were Seen: The Press and Freemasonry. Meeting ID: 522 2126 6105. Passcode: 0FGBt7 – first character is zero.

Monday, October 12
• 7pm (7.30pm: Visitors).United Ararat Lodge. Talk: Paul Brennand, Grand Superintendent of Membership. LINK
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club of Victoria. Meeting. LINK
• 7.30pm. United Brunswick Royal Ark Mariners Lodge. Talk: Nikolas Sakellaropoulos (Commander), ‘The Great Flood: Finding a Renaissance Perspective’. Attire: Casual. LINK to come

Tuesday, October 13
• 7pm. (7.30pm: Visitors) Colac Lodge. Talk: Garry Runge, ‘A day in the life of the Grand Secretary’. LINK
• 7.30pm. Lodge Northcote Lodge. Talk: Bruce Keenan, former Detective-Sergeant in the AFP. ‘Origins of a national ‘Missing Persons’ database’, supported by John Glover, ‘The quest for Missing Children – Facial Reconstruction’. LINK

Wednesday, October 14
• 2pm. Funeral Service for Keith Morgan. Streaming details TBA.
• 7pm (7.15pm: Visitors). Traralgon Lodge. Talk: Anthony Bucca, ‘How To Create A Better Lodge Experience’. LINK
• 7.15pm for 7.30pm. Phillip Island Lodge. Talk: Dennis Moss, Role of the Phillip Island SES. LINK
• 7.30pm. Greensborough Chapter. Talk: Peter White, ‘Walking the Kokoda Track – A Personal Experience’. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• 7.30pm. Williamstown Lodge. Talk: David Newgreen, ‘Visiting Lodges Nationally and Abroad’. LINK
• 7.30pm for 8pm. Cosmopolitan Lodge.  Talk: John Patterson, ‘Freemasons Foundation’. Attire: Smart Casual. Meeting ID: 930 1848 5613. Passcode: 866265
• 8pm. Healesville Lodge. Talk: David Howell, veteran, military historian and tour guide, ‘The Kokoda Track’. LINK to come.

Thursday, October 15
• TBA. Albert Victor Lodge. General Management Meeting. LINK
• 7pm. Prospect Hill Mark Meeting. Opening and closing. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Mark Masonry Prior to 1813. Attire: members jacket and tie, visitors smart casual. Open to non-Mark brethren. LINK
• 7pm.  Rupertswood Numurkah Lodge.Talk: Anthony Bucca, ‘American Civil War – Brother against Brother’. LINK
• 7.30pm. Melton Lodge. Talk: Liz Hessian, Deputy Director, Department of Anaesthesia, Pain and Perioperative Medicine, Western Health. Meeting ID: 86873310736. Password: Melton367
• 7.45pm. Stewart Lodge of St Arnaud. Talk: Nathaniel Buchanan, tour manager of Ballarat. LINK

Friday, October 16
• 7pm for 7.30pm.Bairnsdale Daylight Lodge. Talk: Geoff Newby. LINK

Saturday, October 17
• 12 Noon. Education VAT Esoteric Freemasonry Series. Talk: Travis Trinca, ‘An Introduction to Hermeticism’. Hosted by Richard Shelly. LINK

Monday, October 19
• 7pm.Gippsland Lakes Lodge. Talk: Garry Runge, ‘Day in the working life of the Grand Secretary’. LINK
• 7.30pm. Lodge of Good Companions. 10-minute talk: Gary Beven, Parliament House, Canberra. LINK
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club of Victoria. Meeting. LINK
• 7.30pm.
 Williamstown Chapter. Companions only to attend. Explanation of the new ritual workings. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK
• 8pm. Gippsland Forest Lodge. Visitors admitted at 8pm. Talk: Rod Findlay, ‘Experience and role as the Victorian Police Forward Commander, leading the emergency response immediately after the Mallacoota bush fires in January this year.” LINK

Tuesday, October 20
• 7.30pm. 
Lowan Lodge. Talk: Barry Minster, ‘Electric Cars’. Attire: Smart Casual. LINK to come.

Wednesday, October 21
• 7pm. Grand Lodge Library/Museum Talks. ‘A Discussion on Masonic Etiquette’. LINK

Thursday, October 22
•7.30pm. Communications and Volunteer Action Team. Members only. LINK to come.
• 7.45pm. Royal Ark Mariner Bayside trio meeting.  Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘In the Footsteps of Noah’. Current MMM, Former MMM, Current RAM, Former RAM only. LINK

Friday, October 23
• 7.30pm. Malvern-Waverley Lodge of Mark Master Masons No 39. Talk” Craig Spendlove, ‘Origins’.

Saturday, October 24
• 9.30am-3pm. Secretaries’ Course. Hosted by Eric Williams and Barry Reaper. Register for both morning and afternoon sessions. MORNING and AFTERNOON
• 2pm. Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Victoria. Video Event in place of Annual Assembly which cannot be held due to COVID-19 lockdown. LINK
• 5pm. Concord Mark. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Importance of the Mark Lodge’. For Master Masons and above. Attire: Casual. LINK

Monday, October 26
• 7.30pm. (8pm: Visitors). Spring Vale Lodge. Virtual tour: Grand Lodge of England, Freemasons Hall. Attire: White shirt, Lodge tie and jacket. LINK

Tuesday, October 27
• 7.30pm. Middle Park Lodge. Talk: Dr David Kram, ‘Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth through the eyes of composers and singers who were Freemasons.’ Attire: Dinner Suit. LINK
• 7.45pm. Lodge Epicurean. Talks: Peter Gumley on his Isolation rehabilitation and Armen Mardirousi, Secretary of North Hollywood Lodge No. 542 to talk about his own Masonic journey, Hollywood lodge and starting a lodge in California.

Wednesday, October 28
• 8pm. Gregorios Lodge. OXI Day. Greek ‘No’ Day Commemorative Ceremony. Includes Grand Master. Guests’ attire: casual. LINK

Thursday, October 29
• 7.30pm. Endeavour Lodge. Talk: Brendan Kyne, ‘Chaps, Rogues, Orangemen and Catholics’. LINK TBA

Friday, October 30
• 7.30pm. Kilwinning Mark Lodge of Research No 2. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘Craftsman Marks’.

Monday, November 2
• 7pm (7.30pm: Visitors).Oakleigh Mark Lodge. Business Meeting. Talk: Craig Spendlove, ‘India -The Raj, Mysticism and Masonry’. LINK

• Freemasons New Zealand. Grand Installation 2019. (02:48:29) LINK
• Freemasons Victoria: Lucas Crandles. (03:14) LINK
• Freemasons Victoria: Inside The Black Briefcase. (02:58) LINK

Unite To Fight Cancer
• Harry Adlerstein, Lodge Fraternal, writes: “Bro. Gary Trytell will be participating in the Unite To Fight Cancer fundraising ride to support thePeter MacCallum Cancer Centre raise much needed funds for cancer research. He has particip[ated in this event on an annual basis but this year will be a bit different given the COVID-19 pandemic. The ride will be 200km which must be completed over 10 days from October 15-24, so that each rider does 200km in total. Even in these difficult times, raising funds to help combat cancer is so important.” Donations can be made by via thisLINK

Board Vacancies
• The Board of General Purposes Selection Panel will be electing up to four new Directors who will commence on March 21, 2021. “An election to the BGP is for a four-year term and bears expectations of monthly Board meetings, active involvement in a Volunteer Action Team and/or aBGP sub-committee and representing the membership with regular visits to Lodges. If elected, you will be a leader within the Craft, driving decisions that support our organisation into the future. BGP positions hold great responsibility and influence and you will gain a new insight into the impact our organisation has within our communities.

• “The BGP is looking for qualified Brethren to be actively involved in the strategic decision making of our Craft. We are seeking Brethren with experience in one or more areas of governance, finance, marketing, legal services, information technology and/or membership organisations. If you would like to have a voice in how our organisation is run, it is important to have your nomination endorsed by your Lodge and submitted to theGrand Secretary before the fall of the gavel at the next Quarterly Communication or Business Meeting in December 2020. 

• “Terms of eligibility: Be a subscribing member of a warranted Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of Victoria. Have held the rank of at leastMaster Mason within such a Lodge for a minimum period of five consecutive years immediately prior to nominating. Be able to demonstrate active involvement in Freemasonry. Have that nomination endorsed by a resolution of a Lodge of which he is a subscribing member passed in Virtual Lodge by the majority of members present.” NOMINATION FORM

Providing Specialist Beds

• Kent Online reports: “A generous five-figure grant will pay for 14 new specialist beds to accommodate the needs of disabled residents living atMartha Trust. The substantial £16,900 sum has been donated to the Mercury’s Charity of the Year based in Deal by the Mark Benevolent Fund for Freemasonry.Provincial grand master Archibald Iain Torrance of the Mark Province of Kent and provincial grand master Roger Richardson of the Mark Province of Sussex presented the sum to staff at their premises at Hacklinge.” LINK

The Masonic Book Club
• Richard Shelly passes on information about the re-launch of the Masonic Book Club on September 16. By September 25 the 1500 member mark was surpassed. “We would like to have 2,500+ members before we publish our first book to ensure enough purchases to start things right,” says S. Brent Morris, Club Manager. “Our first formal newsletter is projected for St John’s Day in Winter, but member surveys will probably be sooner as we want to publish the Masonic books.”

• “The Masonic Book Club, formed in 1970 by Brothers Alphonse Cerza and Louis Williams, has been restarted 50 years later by the Supreme Council, 33°, SJ USA, to continue the MBC mission of printing fine Masonic books. After 40 years of service to the Craft, the directors in 2010 decided to dissolve the original MBC. In 2017 MW Barry Weer, 33°, the last president of the MBC, transferred the MBC name and assets to theSupreme Council, 33°, SJ USA. The revived Masonic Book Club has the goals of publishing classic Masonic books and of supporting Scottish Rite SJ USA philanthropies. Membership is open to anyone 18 years or older interested in the history of Freemasonry and allows them to purchase MBC editions at a pre-publication discount.” LINK

District Co-Ordinator Wanted
• Garry Runge, Grand Secretary, writes: “I advise that the role of District Coordinator for Northern District No. 116 has become vacant and seek expressions of interest from brethren who are members of a lodge meeting in that District to apply. The role of DCO is one of senior leadership within Freemasons Victoria and it is expected the incumbent will lead and manage the District in accordance with the District Principles approved by the Board of General Purposes. The DCO is a formal appointment of the Grand Master reporting directly to the Grand Secretary. Brethren who believe they possess the necessary qualifications should make application to grandsecretary@freemasonsvic.net.au using the FORM by close of business, October 14, 2020.” 

Lodge of the Golden Rule
• Ron Boulton writes: “So good to be able to report another excellent night at Lodge of the Golden Rule. Our SW Bro. Ben Whitnall introduced us to the world of the architect. After introducing us to his life journey starting in South Africa, through a sojourn in Europe and then onwards toAustralia, Ben led us through some of his recent projects: from Tuscan style on acreage to townhouses in suburbia, to modification of a heritage listed church on the grounds of University of Melbourne. A most enthralling night of learning.”

World News
• The Telegraph and Argus (UK) reports: “The charity Ilkley and District Good Neighbours, which has continued supporting older and vulnerable local residents during the pandemic, has been given a donation by the Yorkshire West Riding Freemasonry sponsored by Olicana Lodge.”Olicana Freemasons charity steward John Hutchinson said: “ One of the principal aims of Freemasonry is to provide donations to charities and community groups deserving of financial assistance. In these difficult times our focus has been directed to those organisations whose support and workload has increased as a result of the pandemic and who are in need of increased financial help to meet this demand. Ilkley Good Neighboursare providing the vulnerable and disadvantaged in society with vital support, particularly at the present time, and Olicana Freemasons are delighted to make this donation to help the charity carry on with their very important and excellent work.” LINK

Masonic Mailbag
• John Travers passes on this LINK to the Ringwood Masonic Centre’s page to Famous Australian Freemasons.

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Famous Freemasons
• Rhodes, Cecil John (1853-1902) – Rhodes was an English-born businessman, mining magnate, and politician in South Africa. He was the founder of the diamond company De Beers, which today markets 40 per cent of the world’s rough diamonds. At one time, however, De Beersmarketed 90 per cent. An ardent believer in colonialism and imperialism, he was the founder of the state of Rhodesia; named after him. After independence, Rhodesia separated into the nations of Northern and Southern Rhodesia, later renamed Zambia and Zimbabwe, respectively, but neither state has prospered as well since. South Africa’s Rhodes University is named after him and he set up the provisions of the ‘Rhodes Scholarship’; funded by his estate. He remained a Freemason until his death in 1902.
– Timothy Horton

Masonic Knowledge
• Music plays such an important role in Freemasonry. John Philip Sousa (1854-1932) was an American composer and conductor of the late Romantic era and, as a band leader from 1880-1892 for the US Marine Corps, he wrote numerous rousing marches. He will be remembered for composing America’s “national march”, The Stars and Stripes Forever, and The Liberty Bell which will be better recognised as being the theme music chosen for the anarchic TV comedy show Monty Python’s Flying CircusHiram Lodge No. 10, Washington D.C. was where Sousa had his Masonic membership.

Masonic Wisdom
• ““One has to remember that every failure can be a stepping stone to something better.” – Bro. Harland Sanders

The Last Word
• “Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own mind.” – Bro. Franklin D. Roosevelt

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