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Monday, August 15, 2022

DAILY. Tue., Jan. 26, 2021

No. 162. Tuesday, January 26, 2021
(Regular Daily Publication Resumes Wed., Jan. 27, 2021)

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What’s On (33 listings)

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In-person visiting to physical lodge meetings is currently not permitted, due to COVID-19 restrictions.
It is hoped that visiting might resume from March 1, 2021.
Visiting Zoom meetings is encouraged.

Tuesday, January 26

• 7.30pm.Freemasons Victoria ‘Coming Together’ Zoom Meeting. Special Australia Day Event hosted by Richard Elkington, Grand Master. Several guest speakers with brief talks. Recognition of members, Australia Day honours recipients. Followed by happy, informal chat to start our 2021 Masonic year. Families and friends welcome. Attire: white shirt, black bow-tie. LINK Meeting ID: 812 2497 6077. Passcode: 309413

• 7.30pm. Mount Scopus and Collegians Lodge. Talk: Steve Herman from Hackenburg-Mount Moriah Lodge in Pennsylvania USA, ‘The Gift of Life Donor Program’. LINK Meeting ID: 897 4591 2115. Passcode: 861040

Wednesday, January 27
• 10am. Freemasons Victoria Future Recovery Team. Meeting. LINK TBA
• 4pm. Masonic Governing Council. 

• 7pm-9pm. Lodge Amalthea. Business Meeting. Talk: Barry Minster, ‘My Life As A Radio Broadcaster’. LINK Meeting ID: 448 977 3770. Passcode: not required.Thursday, January 28
• 6pm.Funeral service for Wor. Bro. Ken Maynard. Michael Crawford Chapel, Bacchus Marsh.
• 7.30pm-10pm.Endeavour Virtual Lodge. Talk: Martin Faulks from Lewis Masonic on the ‘Art of Masonry’. Attire: Formal dress above the waist. LINK Meeting ID: 884 7649 6581. Passcode: 157886. 
Sunday, January 31
• Time TBA.Combined Orders. Barbecue. At State Coal Mine, Wonthaggi. BYO. Contact: Graeme Gully, 0407 590 273
Monday, February 1
• 7pm. Gippsland Lodge. Business Meeting by Zoom.
• 7.30pm. City of Footscray-Wyndham Lodge. In person, no South. 
• 7.30pm. Lodge Garibaldi. General Purpose Meeting. LINK
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Tuesday, February 2
• 7.30pm. The Old Melburnians’ Lodge. 40-Year Pin to I.M. Eilenberg. At Prahran Masonic Centre.
Wednesday, February 3
• TBA. Powlett Lodge. Business Meeting. At Wonthaggi Masonic Centre.
• 7pm.
 Gippsland Lodge. At Sale Masonic Centre, followed by ‘South’ at Sale RSL. 50-year jewel presentations by Richard Elkington, Grand Master, to Bros. Jarrad and Nicholls.
Thursday, February 4
• 7pm. 7.30pm: Visitors. Lodge Killara. Talk: John Glover, ‘Missing Persons/Facial Reconstruction’. LINK Meeting  ID: 740 6248 2640. Password: 403265
• 7.30pm. IvanhoeGrammarians Lodge. At Ivalda Masonic Centre, Darebin (subject to ‘all clear’ from Ivalda Masonic Temple Trust). Brief Talk: Ash Long.
Friday, February 5
• 7.30pm. Wangaratta Star Club. First Meeting. Forerunner to forming Order of the Eastern Star Chapter. At Wangaratta Masonic Centre.

Saturday, February 6
• 10am-12 Noon. Change Management Team Workshop. At Bayside Masonic Centre.
Monday, February 8
• 7pm-9pm. Change Management Team Workshop. By Zoom. LINK TBA

• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAUThursday, February 11
• 7pm-9pm. Change Management Team Workshop. At Eastbourne.

Monday, February 15
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Tuesday, February 16
• 7pm-9pm. Change Management Team Workshop. By Zoom. LINK TBA
Monday, February 22
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAUTuesday, February 23
• 6pm. Lodge Amalthea. Historic First Meeting at Australian Club. Proclamation of Alfonso Avagliano as Worshipful Master. GM and DGM to attend. Ken Drew will receive his 65-Year Jewel, and Charles Bratton his 50-Year jewel.
Monday, March 1
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Monday, March 8 
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Monday, March 15
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Wednesday, March 17
• 7.30pm. Quarterly Communication. At Freemasons Bayside. Details TBA.
Monday, March 22
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Saturday, March 27
• TBA. Grand Re-Installation. At Freemasons Bayside. Details TBA.
Monday, March 29
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU


• Freemasons Victoria. Change Management. (31:05). WATCH (765 views so far)
• Freemasons Victoria. Understanding QR Codes. (03:58). WATCH 
• Freemasons Victoria. Grand Master’s Message. A new message from Richard Elkington will be distributed later today by Freemasons Victoria via Electronic Direct Mail to members’ registered email addresses.

Published Information

• Freemasons Victoria. Re-Opening Lodges: The Manual. Version 2. READ

VIDEO: Australia Day Honours
• Freemasons Victoria is proud of members who have been recognised in this year’s Australia Day Honours. Amongst those in the Freemasons Victoria family to be honoured are the following four. (Please advise FVNews if you know of others who have been honoured.) WATCH OUR SPECIAL VIDEO

Philip David Mayers AM
• Promoted to AM, a member of the Order of Australia, in the General Division, is Bro. Philip David Mayers of Toorak, for significant service to the community through a range of organisations.

• Philip has most recently been Chairman of the Freemasons Foundation Victoria, and his other involvements have included senior roles in Rotary, Make-A-Wish International, Temple Beth Israel, the Royal District Nursing Service, and Jewish Care.

Philip has been a leader with the Victorian Union for Progressive Judaism, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry, and the Jewish Community Council of Victoria.

Peter Thomas Gurr OAM
• Awarded of the Medal (OAM) of the Order of Australia in the General Division is Bro. Peter Thomas Gurr, of Lilydale, “for service to the community, and to palliative care.

Peter is First Grand Principal of the Royal Arch Masons of Victoria. He has been a member of Blackburn Lodge since 1968.

Peter’s community work has included service with Eastern Palliative Care Association, Outer East Palliative Care Services, as Mayor and Councillor of Maroondah City Council, the Foothills Foundation and Charitable Trust, Dandenong Public Hospital and Arrabri Community House.

George Theodore Habel OAM
• At Hamilton, Bro. George Theodore Habel OAM has been cited for “service to veterans and their families.

George has been a prominent member of the Hamilton RSL Sub-Branch since 1950, a leader with Legacy, a former President of the Western Border Football League, and a recipient of the Community Recognition Award for the Southern Grampians Shire.

George has been a member of Grange Lodge since 1959.

Frederick Vernon Treble OAM
• At Maryborough, Bro. Frederick Vernon Treble OAM, has been cited “for service to the community”.

• He is a former Mayor and Councillor of Maryborough City Council, President of the Golden Wattle Festival, former Chairman of the Maryborough District Advertiser newspaper, member of Rotary, and founder of the Dunolly Citizens Brass Band.

Bro. Treble has been a leader with the Maryborough Arts Society, the Maryborough Aero Club and the Maryborough City Brass Band. Masonically, he is a Past Senior Grand Warden, Past Master of St George Dunolly and Maryborough Lodges.

Australia Day Zoom Meeting
• Richard Elkington, Grand Master, is hosting a special Australia Day Zoom Meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday, January 26. Attire: White shirt, black bow-tie.
• Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/s/81224976077?pwd=K1BhNEZXcXNXRkJ5a0FESXdZY2dBUT09

Meeting ID: 812 2497 6077. Passcode: 309413

• Welcome by MWor. Bro. Richard Elkington

• Australia Day Prayer of Thanks. RWor. Bro. Wayne Smith, PJGW

• Recognition of Australia Day Honourees

• ‘What The Candidate of 2021 Might Expect of Freemasonry’. VWor. Bro. Lt-Col. David Waugh, RFD, PGIWkgs

• ‘What Indigenous, Non-Indigenous and Freemasonry Can Achieve Together’

Bro. Jake Berthelot, EA

• Australia Day Address. the Grand Master

• ‘Coming Together’: Freemasons Victoria Change Management. Prof. Stephen Duns.

• Concluding Remarks and Toast to ‘Australia’: the Grand Master

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