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Sunday, September 19, 2021

DAILY. Wed., Jan. 27, 2021

FVNews Daily 
No. 163. Wednesday, January 27, 2021
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What’s On (34 listings)

Please notify us about your event. 
Please include date, time, talk details, attire, and a link or location.
Email: editor@FVNews.com.au

In-person visiting to physical lodge meetings is currently not permitted, due to COVID-19 restrictions.
It is hoped that visiting might resume from March 1, 2021.
Visiting Zoom meetings is encouraged.

Wednesday, January 27

• 10am. Freemasons Victoria Future Recovery Team. Meeting. LINK TBA
• 4pm. Masonic Governing Council. 

• 7pm-9pm. Lodge Amalthea. Business Meeting. Talk: Barry Minster, ‘My Life As A Radio Broadcaster’. LINK Meeting ID: 448 977 3770. Passcode: not required.Thursday, January 28
• 6pm.Funeral service for Wor. Bro. Ken Maynard. Michael Crawford Chapel, Bacchus Marsh.
• 7.30pm-10pm.Endeavour Virtual Lodge. Talk: Martin Faulks from Lewis Masonic on the ‘Art of Memory’. Attire: Formal dress above the waist. LINK Meeting ID: 884 7649 6581. Passcode: 157886. 
Friday, January 29
• 7.30pm.Kilwinning Mark Lodge of Research. Host: Ian Brown. Talk: Tom Sirling, ‘The Working Tools of Mark Masonry’. LINK Meeting ID: 883 2737 0204
Sunday, January 31
• Time TBA.Combined Orders. Barbecue. At State Coal Mine, Wonthaggi. BYO. Contact: Graeme Gully, 0407 590 273
Monday, February 1
• 7pm. Gippsland Lodge. Business Meeting by Zoom.
• 7.30pm. City of Footscray-Wyndham Lodge. In person, no South. 
• 7.30pm. Lodge Garibaldi. General Purpose Meeting. LINK
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Tuesday, February 2
• 7.30pm. The Old Melburnians’ Lodge. 40-Year Pin to I.M. Eilenberg. At Prahran Masonic Centre.
Wednesday, February 3
• TBA. Powlett Lodge. Business Meeting. At Wonthaggi Masonic Centre.
• 7pm.
 Gippsland Lodge. At Sale Masonic Centre, followed by ‘South’ at Sale RSL. 50-year jewel presentations by Richard Elkington, Grand Master, to Bros. Jarrad and Nicholls.
Thursday, February 4
• 7pm. 7.30pm: Visitors. Lodge Killara. Talk: John Glover, ‘Missing Persons/Facial Reconstruction’. LINK Meeting  ID: 740 6248 2640. Password: 403265
• 7.30pm. IvanhoeGrammarians Lodge. At Ivalda Masonic Centre, Darebin (subject to ‘all clear’ from Ivalda Masonic Temple Trust). Brief Talk: Ash Long.
Friday, February 5
• 7.30pm. Wangaratta Star Club. First Meeting. Forerunner to forming Order of the Eastern Star Chapter. At Wangaratta Masonic Centre.

Saturday, February 6
• 7.30pm.Brighton District Lodge. At Bayside Masonic Centre.
Monday, February 8
• 7pm-9pm. Change Management Team Workshop. By Zoom. LINK TBA

• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Thursday, February 11
• 7pm-9pm. Change Management Team Workshop. At Eastbourne.
Friday, February 12
• 7.30pm. Altona Lodge. At Williamstown Masonic Centre.
Saturday, February 13
• 2.30pm. Victoria Mark Lodge. Installation. 4.45pm. Victorian Royal Ark Mariner. Installation. 7pm. Installation Dinner. All at the Kelvin Club. RSVP: Feb. 9. https://www.trybooking.com/BOGMM

Monday, February 15
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Tuesday, February 16
• 7pm-9pm. Change Management Team Workshop. By Zoom. LINK TBA
Monday, February 22
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAUTuesday, February 23
• 6pm. Lodge Amalthea. Historic First Meeting at Australian Club. Proclamation of Alfonso Avagliano as Worshipful Master. GM and DGM to attend. Ken Drew will receive his 65-Year Jewel, and Charles Bratton his 50-Year jewel.
Monday, March 1
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Monday, March 8
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Monday, March 15
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU

Wednesday, March 17
• 7.30pm. Quarterly Communication. At Freemasons Bayside. Details TBA.
Monday, March 22
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU
Saturday, March 27
• TBA. Grand Re-Installation. At Freemasons Bayside. Details TBA.
Monday, March 29
• 7.30pm. Masonic Caravan Club. LINK Meeting ID: 763 8342 1746. Passcode: 4xYjAU


Freemasons Victoria. Australia Day Event. (01:10:11) WATCH
Freemasons Victoria. Australia Day Honourees. (03:00) WATCH
Freemasons Victoria. Grand Master’s Australia Day Message. (03:57) WATCH
• Freemasons Victoria. Change Management. (31:05). WATCH (765 views so far)
• Freemasons Victoria. Understanding QR Codes. (03:58). WATCH 

Published Information

• Freemasons Victoria. Re-Opening Lodges: The Manual. Version 2. READ

100+ attend Australia Day Event

• Grand Master Richard Elkington hosted a special Australia Day ‘Coming Together’ event last night (Tues.). He spoke with Wayne Smith, David Waugh, Jake Berthelot, Philip Mayers and Stephen Duns. More than 100 Brethren attended, when the Zoom maximum audience level was reached. This was expanded to 300 within 25 minutes; apologies to those who were unable to attend. Although there are a number of audio glitches at the start of the video, a replay is available at this LINK
• The Grand Master recognised Ian Cross, who was retired as Grand Director of Ceremonies. He also gave a special salute to the Medicos of the FFRT including:

Bro. Dr Mohan Kamalanatham MM, Emergency Physician

Bro. Rhys Webb MM, Registered Nurse

Bro. Dr Vana Tran MM, General Practitioner

Bro. Brett Drummond MM, Operational Manager with Ambulance Victoria, EmergencyManagement Unit

WBro. Jason Dawson WM, Department of Health and Human Services, Emergency Management Branch

Bro. Mark Reynolds MM, Primary Healthcare Nurse

VWor. Bro. Felix Pintado, Grand Chaplain, Mercy Health, formerly Royal Freemasons Homes

Richard also recognised new member Alexis Rivero of the Northern District.

Many Good Wishes

• Sending good wishes, but unable to attend last night’s meeting, apologies were submitted from Brethren including Ian Thompson, John Rodrigo, Kenneth Harry (Canda), Charlie Freedman, Harry Adlerstein, Alan Gale (NSW), Andy Chapman, Neil and Elvie Gannon, Don Reynolds, Stuart Shakespeare, Rosse McConnell, Murray Luxford, James Trigg, Iain Nicolson, James Thompson, Justin Lodge, Giovanni Saporito, Rod Lavin, Peter Plytus, Claudio Marino.

Freemasons Future Recovery Team Meets
• Deputy Grand Master Anthony Bucca will chair the Freemasons Future Recovery Team meeting at 10am today. Team members will discuss latest Government regulations, as well as proposals for temporary revised Ritual for First and Second Degrees. Tony and Grand Secretary Garry Runge will circulate any changes, and any modified version of the Re-Opening Manual, as soon as possible. 

Chance to have your say … officially
• Have your opinions about Freemasons Victoria heard at the series of workshops to be held next month. Approximately 200 members have already indicated their participation in a number of workshops where all memberscan have their say about the re-organisation of Freemasons Victoria. 
• 10am-12 Noon. Saturday, February 6. At Bayside.
• 7pm-9pm. Monday, February 8. By Zoom.
• 7pm-9pm. Thursday, February 11. At Eastbourne.
• 7pm-9pm. Tuesday, February 16. By Zoom.
• Book your spot. Go to TryBooking and type ‘Freemasons Victoria‘ in the Search field.

Want to be Master?
• John Podolak, Worshipful Master of the Albert Victor Lodge, is inviting applications from Brethren who may wish to act as Senior Warden, then fill the Master’s chair from October 2021. An unexpected move by the Master-Elect has caused this vacancy. John says the Lodge is a happy one, and meets at the Ivalda Masonic Centre, Darebin. An interview to discuss the vacancy can be arranged at: irphytek@gmail.com

Choristers Wanted
Len Richardson writes: “I am writing this hoping that you will be able to assist us in promoting the Coppin Choristers participation in the Grand Installations of Grand Mark and Grand Chapter. ‘The Coppin Choristers’ (a choir formed when the ‘Victorian Freemasons Choir‘ handed in its charter). 

have been asked to sing. The ceremony will be videoed prior to the installation.  The Choir conductor will be RWBro Barry Reaper PDGM and the Choir’s singing will be videoed on Saturday, February27,  and then edited into the film. 

• “We will be singing the Installation Odes for both Grand Chapter and Grand Mark and two other songs. Our rehearsals will be at the Bayside Masonic Centre provisionally at 2pm on Sunday, January 31; at 2pm on Sunday, February 7; and 2pm on Sunday, February 21. This is subject to approval being obtained from the Grand Secretary RWBro Garry Runge. The singing will finally be filmed on Saturday, February 27, at the South Eastern Masonic Centre, Box Hill. We would welcome any other Freemason who can sing in tune to assist us. They do not necessarily have to be members of the Mark or Chapter.  The Coppin Choristers is a mixed choir so non-Freemasons and Ladies who may be members of other choirs or just like to sing are also welcome to sing with us. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, numbers for the Choir will be somewhat restricted but we will welcome anyone who would like to apply.” Contact: lenric1@bigpond.com

Freemasons Cycling Special Interest Group
Milton Mann writes: “The 2020-21 spring/summer riding season for the team is almost done and we haven’t ridden as a group anywhere yet.  Consequently of course, our riding kit has had very limited opportunity to be on display. That however, will all change very soon – a number of us will be assembling on the start line of the Ballarat Cycle Classic on Sunday morning, February 21. 

• “Those of us who have registered to ride have decided that some additional fundraising should be attempted and, to achieve that, I have set up a team donation page at https://ballaratcycleclassic.gofundraise.com.au/page/FreemasonsVictoria.  We would be pleased if you would consider showing your support of the Freemasons Victoria Cycling SIG and forward the fundraising web address to everyone you consider to be a supporter of charity fundraisers.”

Next Issue on Friday

• The next issue of FVNews Daily is due to be published on Friday (Jan. 29).

Relics inside Masonic Temple
• WRAL.com tells the story of relics found inside an old Masonic Temple in SanfordNorth Carolina. READ MORE

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Sincere Thanks

• Amongst those who assisted with contributions (and encouragement) to this edition of FVNews Daily have been: Richard Elkington, Wayne Smith, Philip Mayers, David Waugh, Jake Berthelot, Stephen Duns, Paul Brennand, Bob Jones, Robert Billing, Greg Crew, John Podolak, Stuart Chalmers, John Zalewski, Richard Burman, Kent Henderson, Milton Mann.

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Famous Freemasons
• Michael Richards, the actor who played Cosmo Kramer on Seinfeld, is said to be a 33rd-degree Freemason.

Masonic Knowledge
•  “In 1920, Gate City Lodge No. 522 in Kansas City MO met every day of the week except Sunday to confer a record 1107 degrees, averaging 21 degrees a week.” – Ray Dotson

Masonic Wisdom

• ““When you’re good to others, you’re best to yourself.” – Bro. Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1748

The Last Word
• Rochdale Online (UK) reports: “Following a recent appeal for computer equipment for young people who are missing out on online learning due to a lack of equipment, the Rochdale District Freemasons have been working to remedy this.
• “Martin Ross, Rochdale District Freemasons Communications Officer, has set up a scheme to accept and refurbish old laptops and tablets before distributing them to local and nearby schools.” READ MORE

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